VR Series Installation: Panel or Bench Top Mounting


Installation: Panel Mount or Bench Top:

Dimensional Drawing for Panel Mounting and depiction of Optional Bench Top mounting shown below


Panel Mount Dimensions 

                        Front View                                          Side View                                             Panel Cutout

                      166 mm equal 6.53"                            174 mm equals 6.85"                Standard DIN 138mm x 138mm

                      144 mm equals 5.67"                          157 mm equals 6.18"                                 5.43" x 5.43"

                                                                                 137 mm equals 5.37"

                                                                                 20 mm equals 0.78"



Optional Bench Top Depiction

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Additional Information

VR06-18 Guidelines 21CFR part 11.pdf

VR06-18: Series FAQ's.pdf [40KB]

VR06-18: Series 2-Year Warranty Statement.pdf [13KB]

VR06-18: Firmware Update Sheet.pdf

VR06-18: CF Card Memory Calculations.zip

VR06-18: Reset to Factory Default 

VR06-18: Modbus Parameters 

UL Agency.pdf

CSA Agency.pdf

CE Conformity.pdf


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