VR Series: Download Firmware & Observer Software

Firmware: The VR Series Paperless recorder firmware is easy to update to the most current version. Download the Firmware update .pdf below and follow the instructions. The most recent firmware [.zip file format] can be downloaded below.

Observer Software: Both Observer I & II software are compatible with all firmware versions up to and including its' current version. Observer Software MUST be updated to the same version or higher level as firmware installed in the VR Series18. Example: Observer I v2.33 will work correctly with VR18 v2.31 firmware.

Recommend when updating either the VR firmware or Observer software to update both to the most recent revision.

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Observer I & II v2.33 and later are Vista compliant and v2.37 and later are Windows 7 Home and Professional (32 & 64 bit), Windows 8 / 8.1 and 10 compliant. All Observer versions are compliant with Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and XP Professional.

Observer I Software: The most recent version may be downloaded below.

Observer I Historical Viewer Software: The most recent version may be downloaded below and is compatible with VR Series firmware V2.31 and later. The Historical Viewer offers multiple special features; contact Technical Support for additional information.

Observer II Software: Contact Future Design Controls for the most recent version of the optional Observer II software. Observer II software can be provided on a CD or downloaded from a secure site. 

VR Series Firmware download (VR06 & VR18)

VR_ Series v2.38 firmware.zip [4.2MB]

VR_Series_Firmware_Update_Procedure.pdf [60KB]
VR_Series_v2.38_Firmware_Release_Notes_July-2010_v0.94-v2.38.pdf [25KB]



VR06 Firmware

When introduced the VR06 firmware was v2.32

v2.36 and later firmware referenced above applies to both the VR06 & VR18.


Observer I Software Download

VR06-18 Observer I_V2.38.zip [9.90MB]

Observer Release Notes v0.91 to v2.38.pd
Observer Manual.pdf [5.4MB]
Observer Configuration Manual.pdf [3.9MB]

Historical Viewer Software

Historical Viewer is provided with the PR Series Touch Screen Paperless Recorders. Historical Viewer software offers additional features compared to Observer I and is backward compatible to the VR Series. Both models, VR and PR may be used at the same time with Historical Viewer.


Historical Viewer - Configuration Software v4.34.zip [63MB

VR Historical Viewer Manual.pdf [1.5MB]


VR Sharing with Observer on a network

VR Share Function


Observer II Software Version

v2.37 is the most current release as of May 2018



VR18: Daylight Savings Error occurring February 2006 - correction with firmware v2.21: VR18 Firmware v2.21 or later corrects Time Reset software Bug.

When updating VR18 firmware to v2.21 or higher, if using Observer Software v2.10 or lower the Observer software must be updated to the same firmware version as the VR18 recorder.


Observer Software: April 2007: "Illegal System DLL Relocation"

DLL error - click here for sample Windows error message

This problem is caused by installation of Windows security update 925902 & 928843 directly from Microsoft via automatic updates set within a PC.


Solution: review and install as appropriate of security update 935448 from Microsoft; check the following url to review & install this security update.


VR18 Firmware Update from firmware v1.19 or lower to v2.xx:

If VR18 firmware is less than v1.20 the recorder must first be updated to v1.20 prior to updating to current firmware v2.xx

Refer to the VR_Series_Firmware_update_procedure.pdf for specific directions.

Download of VR18 firmware v1.20


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VR Series Product Brochures Manuals & Price Sheets







VR Series_NEMA_4_Brochure_Feb-2007.pdf


VR Series Price Sheet.pdf


Additional Information

VR06-18 Guidelines 21CFR part 11.pdf

VR06-18: Series FAQ's.pdf]

VR06-18: Series 2-Year Warranty Statement.pdf

VR06-18: Firmware Update Sheet.pdf

VR06-18: CF Card Memory Calculations.zip

VR06-18: Reset to Factory Default.pdf 

VR06-18: Modbus Parameters.pdf 

UL Agency.pdf

CSA Agency.pdf

CE Conformity.pdf


Return To:

VR06-18: Recorder Home Page.htm

VR06-18: Sample Screen Display & Operational Review.htm

VR06-18: Plug & Play I/O.htm

VR06-18: Event & Alarm Description.htm

VR06-18: Installation: Panel or Bench Top Mounting.htm

VR06-18: Configuration.htm

VR06-18: Special Features: Math, Totalize, etc.htm

VR06-18: Observer Software Review.htm

VR06-18: Technical Support Documentation.htm

VR06-18: Download Firmware and Observer Software.htm

VR06-18: Security; CFR21 Part 11 Features.htm


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