MCT4 Multi-Loop Touch Screen Controller 1/4 DIN

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MCT4 1/4 DIN Controller


MCT4 is a 1/4 " DIN Multi-Loop Touch Screen Controller.

Industrial Process Heating and Temperature Controls
C-Series Controls

Digital PID and Analog DIN 1/32 - 1/4 DIN, Board Level & DIN Rail Mount Controls

- Single Set Point Process & Temperature PID Controls: 9090, 100, 300 and B Series Loop Controls


- Recipe Profile Ramp/Soak Controls: P Series


- C-Series Controllers: FDC-C22, FDC-C42, FDC-C62, FDC-C82, FDC-C83, and FDC-R22: C-Series


- Board Level Temperature Controls on/off and PID: B41 Series PID Control and B42 PID Profile Control


- Analog based 1/4, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN Loop Temperature Controls: Analog Controls


- Analog based DN Rail or Surface Mount Temperature Control: Series 8





Single Loop Feature Comparison.pdf (20KB)


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High Limit Temperature Controls - FM Approved Main Page

    - L91 1/16 DIN and L41 1/4 DIN (Also L91 DIN Rail Mount available) L91 and L41 web page


   - L22 DIN Rail Mount, L62 1/16 DIN and 1/4 DIN L42 L/22/L62/L42 web page


   - Series 7L DIN Rail/Surface Mount Series 7L web page


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strip chart recorder 100mmVR paperless recorderPR Paperless recorder

PR Series Paperless Recorders

CR06 100mm 6-Channel Strip Chart


Obsolete with Limited Parts Available

DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder (Consumables, charts, pen blades, ink cartridges are available)

VR Series Paperless Recorders


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Orion-Mi control system

Orion-M iSeries Multi-loop Color Touch Screen Control System offering 7" and 10" touch screens.

The Orion-M iSeries is an advanced single & multi-loop, monitor point and logic controller with integrated SCADA and LAN features sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range process equipment.

nCompass offers a 4.3" color touch screen interface with Standard "Smart Device"icon or menu based user interface with
embedded SCADA, up to 15 monitor points, up to 3 loop controls and more.

SCADA PC software



PC software providing unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to 128 Future Design Controls devices, each with their own data file as well as one system data file of any number of devices on the link; maximum of 129 concurrently running data log files.


Devices can be a mix of FDC loop controls, 8-channel analog input modules and Orion-M iSeries control systems.



PC software providing remote SCADA access to up to 64 Future Design Controls 300 Series loop controls.

pallet sterilizer controlDry Kiln control

Brainchild HMI

Smartpanel TFT low cost Color Touch Screen Operator Interfaces. Available in high resolution 4.3", 7", 10", wide screen & 15" screen sizes with the memory and speed to handle dynamic graphics.

Communication ports include Serial, USB & Ethernet with optional networking cards for Profius-DP, Profinet, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, CANopen, CCLink, Modbus RTU, BACNet, EtherCAT with more to be added.

Easy to use development software, Panel View, includes drivers for most PLCs with Serial or Ethernet protocols.

IO modules
FDC-IO Modules offer Analog & Digital IO modules (Modbus RTU slave) for data acquisition and other applications offering reliable low-cost solution for distributed IO applications to PLC's, HMI's, and/or PC based SCADA systems.

PC-E Gateway
sn10a rs232 to 485 converter
Moxa RS232 to 485 converter
PC-E Serial-Ethernet
SN10A and--Uport 1150/1150I RS232-485 converters
Gateways Transmitters:

PC-E Serial Modbus to Modbus Ethernet TCP

RS232 to 485 Converters:

Model SN10A

Model Uport 1150 & 1150



    B41 control FDC4000 control

Custom PLC hardware & software solutions, Color Touch PC's running Windows® CE with Custom Embedded software, 
board level PID controls, etc.


Future Design Controls: 888.751.5444 / 708.599.2719

9090 1/16 DIN PID Control 1/32 DIN PID control 2500 1/16 DIN PID Control 9300 1/8 DIN PID control 8100 1/4 DIN PID Control 4300 Ramp soak control 1/16 DIN P91 Profile Control 1/4 DIN P41