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nCompass Control System
Process Control nCompass System Touch screen SCADA LAN
  • 21 CFR21 Part 11 FDA Requirements
  • AMS2750E Heat Treating Requirements
  • Ovens - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Medical Warming Appliances
  • Food Service Appliances
  • Freezers, Chillers & related equipment
  • Scientific Appliances
  • Test & Measurement Applications
  • Temperature & Process Applications where one of        more the following is required:           FDC FDC - - -        - Ease of Use     - Data Logging  - Alarm Manager          - Profile Control  - Security            - Audit Trail    -         - LAN Connectivity: email/SMS Alarm, Web Page,              Remote Access, FTP File Transfer and more   
  • OEM Price: Similar to many 1/4 DIN PID        single and dual loop controls
  • 4.3" & 7" HMI Touchscreen Interface
  • Supports 1 through 10 Loops with Profiling;          models supporting up to 16/32 DI/DO,        Cascade logic and more
  • Data Logging & Alarm Management
  • Timer Mode for simple Batch Operations
  • Security & Operator Audit Trail
  • Profile Selection via Bar Code Scan
  • LAN: Web Server / Email/SMS Text on Alarm,       Remote Access from any OS via VNC & more
  • File Transfer via USB, email or FTP (LAN)
  • OEM configurable to enable only the features        needed to meet application needs
  • Supports up to 28 Languages and More!
  • nCompass Video Page



    nCompass Additional Page Links
    nCompass Technical Support
    nCompass Control System Video Page
    nCompass Sample Screen Views
    nCompass-LC Timer Mode Description
    nCompass LC-CM Feature Comparison

    nCompass Languages Supported

    nCompass Hardware View
    MCT-DX (Interface for Dixell Control)


    nCompass 4.3i_LC spec-order matrix.pdf [93KB]

    nCompass 4.3i - 730i_CM V2.0_spec-order matrix.pdf [93KB]


    nCompass 4.3i MC spec-order matrix.pdf [95KB]


    nCompass-LC Pricing

    nCompass LC Pricing June-2021.pdf


    Screen Views & Video Descriptions

    nCompass Sample Screen View.htm


    nCompass Video Descriptions.htm


    nCompass LC Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

    nCompass_LC_4.3i_User_Manual_Rev_H.pdf [3.5MB]

    nCompass_LC_4.3i_Config_Manual_Rev_E.pdf [1.1MB]


    nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]



    nCompass MC Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

    MCT-MC_4.3_User_Manual_RevE.pdf [4.6MB]


    nCompass_MC_4.3i_7_MC_User_Manual_Rev_E.pdf [4.6MB]


    nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]



    nCompass CM V2.0 Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

    nCompass_CM_V2.0_4.3i - 730i_User_Manual_Rev_D.pdf [6.5MB]

    nCompass_CM_V2.0_4.3i - 730i_Config_Manual_Rev_D.pdf [578KB]

    nCompass_CM_V2.0_User_Communication_Ref Manual_RevB.pdf

    nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]

    Bar Code Scan Description for Profile Start or Annotation.pdf



    MCT-CM Information

    nCompass-CM is no longer available due to component EoL

    - The MCT-CM is a form, fit & functional replacement.

    - MCT-CM information is available on the MCT-CM web page with

       literature links below from MCT-CM page


    MCT-CM Brochure.pdf


    MCT-CM_User_Manual_RevB.pdf (May 2021)


    MCT-CM Pricing July 2021.pdf


    nCompass CM V2.0 Configuration & Setup Worksheet



    nCompass HMI Hardware Manual

    FDC 450_730_1050_1550 1060 HMI Manual RevB.pdf


    nCompass Multiloop Model: Loop Control Reference Guides*

    Loop Controls supported by nCompass CM V2.0 (January 2015) and later revisions




    Loop controls supported by nCompass CM v1.3.1 or earlier versions

    Refer to the nCompass_Technical_Support.htm


    nCompass Single Loop Model: B42 Profile Board Level Control

    FDC-B42 Web Page.html

    FDC B42 Brochure.pdf

    FDC B42 Manual.pdf



    Technical Support



    nCompass Display / B42 control board (nCompass LC) 3-D CAD Drawing


    nCompass 4.3" Display 3-D CAD


    B42 Control Board DIN Rail Mount Option

    MCT-B42 DIN Rail Mount Option.pdf


    Remote Communications




    nCompass_VNC_Networking_Guide_Rev_B.pdf [500KB]

    EnVision PC based SCADA (Free)

    SMS Text Messaging Provider Information.pdf


    Agency Approval Information        

    UL Approval.pdf



    CE Conformity.pdf

    EU_REACH Compliance.pdf

    RoHS-3 Compliance.pdf


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    For Information on the following Topics:

    Orion-M iSeries Data Viewer:

    Free PC Based program to View & Print Historical Data, Audit Trail, Alarm & Operator Event Files, validate Digital Signatures and more.


    EnVision PC based SCADA (Free):

    Free PC based SCADA system for up to 128 devices, each with their own data log file as well as one system data file of any combination of devices. Devices are control devices offered by Future Design Controls including both models of the nCompass control system.


    On-Line Demo:

    Contact your local rep or Future Design Controls schedule an an on-line demonstration of the nCompass control system.


    Custom OEM Development:

    Future Design Controls is willing to explore proprietary versions to include features currently not available in the standard nCompass

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    USB Panel Mount Adapter (Nema 4X (IP66)

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    Product Line Review Brochure:

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    What is the nCompass Control System?

    The nCompass Control System is an advanced PID control system with a 4.3" or 7" color touch screen operator interface with embedded SCADA and LAN features with OEM price points comparable to many single and dual loop 1/4 DIN PID controls.

    The MCT Series has replaced the nCompass platform offering additional features and functions.

    The MCTB and MCT-MC utilize the same hardware as the nCompass-LC and nCompass-MC.

    The nCompass-CM's FC5A control module reached EoL and is no longer available. The MCT-CM has an updated FC6A Control Module providing the same form, fit and function. The MCT-CM 4.3" or 7" HMI touch screen is the same hardware as used in the nCompass-CM.

    nCompass Availability

    • nCompass-LC and nCompass-MC may still be ordered. Their brochure, user manual and pricing information may be downloaded in the panel to the left..
      • nCompass-LC and nCompass-MC configuration files are not compatible with MCTB or MCT-MC
    • nCompass-CM is no longer available. It's brochure and user manual may be downloaded in the panel to the left.
    • Installed nCompass-CM may have its HMI color touch screen interface software updated to the MCT-CM. Contact Support for more information.
      • nCompass-CM configuration files are compatible with the MCT-CM. Note that the MCT-CM configuration files are NOT compatible with nCompass-CM.
      • The MCT-CM FC6A may be used as an MRO replacement for existing nCompass-CM FC5A system. Regardless if one or multiple FC5A components require replacement, all FC5A components must be replaced by a FC6A system.

    With an intuitive icon or drop down navigation, on-line Help and one-button selection of up to 28 languages, nCompass redefines ease of use regardless of the number of standard features enabled or the operator's native language.

    • SCADA features include Data Logging, Alarm Management, Profile capability, Security xxx (4 user groups), Operator Audit Trail, USB file transfer and more.
      • Data log capabilities and loop accuracy meet the requirements of CFR21-Part11, AMS-2750E and JCHAO.
    • LAN (Ethernet) includes email/text on alarm, FTP file transfer, Web page (view only), Remote Access (VNC), time synchronization and more. Serial connection (Modbus RTU) is standard on both models, nCompass LC and nCompass CM.
      • Serial Modbus port is standard. Configurable for FDC's EnVision PC SCADA software (free), other 3rd party software/ hardware and specific to the nCompass LC, is configurable to emulate Watlow F4/D register base.

    nCompass Models LC, MC and CM


    Available in three models, LC, MC and CM, nCompass is sized and priced to meet the control and price needs for a wide range of temperature and process related OEM equipment (priced lower than many single & dual loop DIN controls). In addition to the SCADA and LAN functions described above, below is a portion of the features each model offers.

    nCompass LC. MC and CM Hardware View

    • nCompass LC (Single or Dual Loop Control):
      • Display: An intuitive 4.3" color touch screen operator interface.
      • PID Loop Control: one or two high performance PID control boards each with up to 4 outputs per loop
      • Profile ramp/soak capability includes Step Holdback (Guaranteed Soak) and more.
      • Timer Mode: easy to set and view count down timer typically used to turn the heat source off at the end of a batch (steady state PID control with Timer function).
      • Video Recorder Only or 1-PID with 1-Monitor Input: Configurable as a one or two channel video recorder without PID control functions or as a one loop control system with the 2nd loop configured as a monitor input (product sensor)
      • Serial Modbus Port is standard, configurable with the standard nCompass register layout or to emulate Watlow F4/D.
    • nCompass MC (Multi-Loop Control)
      • Display: An intuitive 4.3" or 7" color touch screen operator interface.
      • PID Loop Control: up to 10 high performance PID control boards each with up to 4 outputs per loop
      • Profile ramp/soak capability allows profiles to be run individually or simultaneously for up to 10-loops or to have one Master loop driving setpoints to the remaining loops. Profile features includes Step Holdback (Guaranteed Soak) and more.
      • Serial Modbus Port is standard.
    • nCompass CM (Control Module supporting Multi-Loop and more):
      • Display: An intuitive 4.3" or 7" color touch screen operator interface.
      • PID Loop Control: up to 10 PID loops (Cascade logic blocks is supported).
      • Monitor Inputs: supports up to 15 Monitor inputs from a combination of inputs from up to two Monitor Input cards (mA / VDC / TC / RTD versions) and the 2nd input (linear input only) from FDC 300 Series loop controls.
      • Input/Output: up to 16 DI /32 DO configurable as alarms, events, sequencing logic (timers), profile step wait for logic and defrost / redundancy logic.
      • Profile ramp/soak capability including Profile selection by bar code scanner (optional), step start "wait for" logic based upon PV from Loop and/or Monitor points reaching a step setpoint, Digital Input(s) and Delta setpoint logic.
      • Video Recorder: Configurable with or without PID loop controls (Video recorder only) or combination of loop controls and Monitor Points.
      • Serial Modbus Port is standard.

    nCompass Intuitive Operation


    nCompass intuitive operation, user configurable with "slide nav" finger icon navigation similar to smart phones / tablets or as a traditional Windows style drop down menu system, requires less training and minimizes operator error.

    The nCompass display is split into two sections; the icon bar and main display area.

    • The Main display area is used to view loop information with configurable tag names (graphic shows Temperature & Humidity), active PV, SP & PID % values, navigation icons and appropriate functions selected; i.e. Chart View, PID Tuning, Profiling, Data Logging, etc.
    • The icon bar is visible at all times providing one touch selection of the Menu (navigation), Help, Home, Alarm icons (alarm icon flashes when an alarm occurs), Data/Time field, Notification Window when date/time icon is selected and Navigation Arrows that dynamically appear when appropriate..
      • The Help icon provides the user content sensitive information for every view.
      • The date/time field provides the current date/time and when depressed a Notifications window is opened. The Notification window provides a one-touch snapshot of current nCompass activity; i.e. PV/SP values, Alarm, Data Logging, Profile, Security activity and more from any view the operator has navigated.

    nCompass is truly an International Product

    nCompass may be configured in any one of 28 languages provides ease of use almost anywhere in the world.x Language Sample Views.

    nCompass Applications

    Applicable for Environmental Chambers, Chillers, Freezers, Ovens, Furnaces, Kilns and other equipment typically controlled by single, dual or multiloop controls.

    Standard features for all nCompass models (LC, CM and MC) include secure data acquisition with digital signatures, ramp-soak profiling, security, alarm management & operator audit trail files. LAN functions include remote access via PC / smart devices (VNC), view only web page, FTP file transfers, email/SMS text messaging upon alarm and more. Profiles may be easily managed at nCompass or with EnVision, a free PC based software. These features, most of which you previously had to pay for and install as separate devices, are easily password secured, enabled or disabled (icons disappear), all standard in one easy to use device.

    How nCompass Brings Value to the OEM and End User

    Beyond its low OEM cost, nCompass provides value to OEMs and end users by providing intuitive ease of use regardless if all or only a select few of the standard features are enabled by the OEM.

    • Data Logging / Paperless Recorder:
      • Replaces discreet circular, strip and paperless recording devices.
      • Configurable data interval, data file length, direct alphanumeric file naming, operator entered batch & lot information as well as an unlimited number of operator notes provides the level of data log detail required for almost any applications.
      • File transfer via LAN (FTP or email) and/or USB provides means to manage data files that best suits the end user protocols.
      • Data logging supports both system and operator digital signatures to allow compliance with many quality and regulatory requirements.
      • Data Files may be easily graphed with FDC's free PC software Orion-M Data File Viewer making printing or saving a graph as a .jpg an easy and quick job. As the data log files are saved in the .csv format, once exported the files may also be accessed via Excel or other enterprise software.
    • Ramp/Soak Profiles:
      • The ramp-soak profiler provides an unparalleled ease of use for an operator to create, edit, save and load from an unlimited number of stored profiles, each named alphanumerically.
      • Once validated, profiles are easy to transfer between devices via USB.
      • EnVision PC Software may be used to create, edit, archive profiles and transferred to nCompass via serial modbus or via USB memory.
      • The "ease of use" managing profiles reduces training and minimizes profile creation and selection errors.
      • nCompass MC allows profiles to be run individually or simultaneously for up to 10-loops or to have one Master loop driving setpoints to the remaining loops.
    • Timer Mode (nCompass LC only):
      • An embedded Timer Mode provides a count down timer function typically used to turn the heat source off at the end of a single setpoint batch. Typically these functions require two control components, a PID control and Count Down timer. Combining these into one device reduces the number of panel cutouts (reducing OEM costs) while the end user has an enhanced operator interface with all pertinent information on the touch screen including an audit trail of the timer activation.
    • Alarm manager, Security and Operator Audit Trail:
      • These features allow easy identification of on-going operational / service issues and assist the end user to comply with many quality and regulatory requirements.
    • LAN Connectivity provides value in multiple ways:
      • email/SMS text messaging upon alarm, view only web page and VNC remote access provides instant notification upon alarm condition and access to the device whenever appropriate from PC, smart devices (i.e. phones, tablets), etc.
        • The VNC remote access offers value to both the OEM and end user by providing a manner to remotely troubleshoot and train on the device directly and for the end user to allow direct access to the device from within their network.
      • FTP file transfer of data log, alarm and audit trail files provides means to manage data, alarm and audit trail files that best suits the end user protocols.
      • FTP FileWeb and DataWeb are available in the MC application software. They are also available in the recently released MCTB version of the nCompass LC.
    • Touch Screen Navigation:
      • nCompass's intuitive touch screen navigation (icon or Windows drop down) allows for intuitive operator action while a "Help" icon in the Command Bar provides a one touch access to a detailed description on every view. The overall ease of use reduces training costs and increased productivity.

      A simple side by side comparison to a typical PID loop control will demonstrate how the nCompass interface may reduce operator training time, operational errors while providing features to track system operation. Click here for sample screen views.

    • Language Selection:
      • nCompass may be configured in any one of 28 languages providing operator ease of use in their native language reduces training costs and increases productivity.
      • The recently released (August 2018) MCT-MC replacing the nCompass MC offers 11 languages including English..

    nCompass is OEM Friendly


    For the OEM, the easy configuration import / export via USB port provides a fast and error free manner to load the appropriate configuration file for each appliance as well as future software updates. Configurations include every setting including which features are enabled, loop/monitor point tagnames, email/SMS, alarm configuration/setpoints, Trend Views and much more.


    The OEM can also set the configuration file to be re-loaded by the end user if "reset default configuration" is selected allowing a one step action to reset the configuration back to how it left the OEM factory.


    How nCompass assists in Regulatory, HACCP and JCAHO Compliance

    CFR21 Part 11 / AMS 2750F Requirements: nCompass data logging with digital signatures, accuracy of the loop controls coupled with its Security meets the requirements for electronic data acquisition files for both the pharmaceutical CFR21 Part 11 and NADCAP AMS2750E

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): nCompass- provides a manner to easily incorporate data logging, alarm management, LAN connectivity, operator audit trails and more to devices in a process utilizing HACCP protocols.

    JCAHO Standards TS.03.01.01 and TS.03.02.01 (Medical Tissue Storage): nCompass embedded data logging, alarm management, LAN connectivity and operator audit trail provides an efficient and effective manner to comply with the JCAHO standards to record tissue storage temperatures. The appliance manufacturer provides appropriate battery back-up as required.

    nCompass Hardware

    The nCompass uses separate hardware for the Graphic User Interface (display touch screen), loop controls and Control Module (CM) to provide greater system integrity and installation flexibility. All components are UL listed, CE, RoHS and when panel mounted the display is IP65 compliant.

    LC and CM Hardware View provides a graphical representation of the models LC, MC and CM while the display hardware specifications can be found at:FDC 450_730_1050_1550 HMI Manual RevA.pdf

    nCompass LC - CM Feature Comparison

    Feature comparison chart for the single and multiloop versions can be found at: nCompass_Feature_Comparison.htm.

    Click here for an Compass Detailed Feature Comparsion.pdf


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