MCT4 Multi-Loop Touch Screen Controller 1/4 DIN
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What is EnVision?

EnVision is a FREE SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) package allowing users to assemble a control and data acquisition system for up to 128 devices, each with their own data log file as well as one system data log file of any combination of devices (up to 129 concurrent data log files).


Data files include Operator Events (messages) with Digital Signature capability to provide data integrity. Other features include Alarm Logs, operator Audit Trails, General and Service Notes per device, LAN capability (email/text on alarm & Web Page) and more, all standard without the need for programming.


The Devices can be a mix of Future Design Controls loop controls (100, 300 and C-Series single-loop PID controllers, L91/L41 limit controllers, P-Series profile and B41/42 board level controls), FDC-IO modules and the Orion-Mi and nCompass LC - CM control systems.  Data from each device can be monitored from the Windows® based EnVision package. Connection to the individual devices is accomplished via an RS485 serial connection or Ethernet-to-serial connection.


Using Orion-M iSeries, nCompass LC or nCompass CM touch screen control systems are capable of monitoring up to 31 and 18 process variables respectively with EnVision seeing them as one device. In addition the Orion-Mi and nCompass systems allows access to other brands of of loop controls: Danaher, Eurotherm, Watlow, Yokogawa with more brands and models to be added.


EnVision provides a rich set of tools for control interaction and data analysis. Control data can be viewed in device detail, faceplate, digital and trend formats (up to 8 Trend Views each with up to 12 values).  You can change set points, alarm set points, initiate loop control auto-tuning, create & edit device, service & profile notes and even create, save, download and start profiles/schedules for any Orion control system or P-Series loop control in the system.


EnVision, a SCADA package designed as an out-of-the-box data acquisition system offering individual data files per device, easy to configure, easy to use and meets the requirements for both 21CFR Part 11 and NADCAP AMS2750E electronic data acquisition files.

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