MCT4 Multi-Loop Touch Screen Controller 1/4 DIN

Future Design Controls, Inc.
P.O. Box 1196 - Bridgeview, IL 60455

We offer a broad range of standard & OEM custom temperature and process control, recording and operator interface products for industrial, medical and scientific machinery and equipment. Both our standard products and custom OEM's solutions offer the most recent hardware technology, powerful, flexible and easy to use application software and features to help our customers grow their business.

Solutions range from simple single board controls, single loop PID DIN controls, Recorders [circular, strip & paperless] to sophisticated multiloop PID with Color Touch Screen interface; Data Acquisition and Operator Interface solutions are available in both Windows XP and CE operating systems
  • DIN Rail Mountable Single-loop temperature & process controls: Board Level and 1/32 through 1/4 DIN
  • FM Approved High Limit Controls
  • IO Modules: serial modbus Input/Output modules supporting 8-channel T/C-mA-VDC-RTD inputs
  • Custom Multi-loop Control Solutions
  • Color Touch Screen Control Systems, standard and OEM proprietary
  • Data Acquisition systems within PC software as well as HMI Touch Screen systems
  • Temperature & Process Recorders
    • Circular Chart Recorders - Traditional ink or Thermal Print your Own Chart
    • Strip Chart
    • Paperless Recorders

Future Design Controls is a different kind of company where people, whether customers or associates, come first!

Buyouts, mergers, consolidations, reduced support, slow deliveries. Where will it all end? At Future Design, the customer is still king!
We believe that people and great products define a company. All of us involved at Future Design are passionate about taking the lead and delivering "cutting edge" products to the market place while reducing costs at the customer level.
With over 50 years of combined experience in the industrial marketplace, Future Design's control and recording products will keep you right on track and in control.