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VR Series Paperless Recorders
VR Series Paperless  Chart Recorder
  • 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Requirements
  • AMS2750E Heat Treat Applications
  • Ovens - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers/Autoclaves
  • Power Generation Variables
  • Flow Applications / Totalizers
  • Test & Measurement Applications
  • Low Cost Paperless Recorder
  • 6.5" TFT Display
  • Universal Analog Inputs / 18 Bit A-D
  • Maximum 18 Analog Inputs
  • 18 Derived Channels Standard (Math)
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs available
  • Timers & Counters
  • Security


    VR Series Additional Page Links

    VR06-18: Technical Support Documentation

    VR06-18: Download Firmware and Observer Software


    VR06-18: Sample Screen Display & Operational Review
    VR06-18: Plug & Play I/O
    VR06-18: Event & Alarm Description
    VR06-18: Installation: Panel or Bench Top Mounting
    VR06-18: Configuration VR06-18: Special Features: Math, Totalize, etc
    VR06-18: Observer Software Review

    VR06-18: Security; CFR21 Part 11 Features

    6.4" TFT Display is the largest in 100mm style Paperless Recorders

    Product Brochure, Manual & Pricing


    VR18_Manual_v2.37_May -2018.pdf







    VR Series Price & Part Number Matrix

    VR Series Price Sheet.pdf

    VR Series Price Sheet - Accessories & spare parts.pdf


    Warranty 2-Years

    VR06-18: 2-Year Warranty Statement.pdf [13KB


    Observer Software

    Observer Software - Link.htm


    CAD Drawing

    VR Series CAD 3-D


    Technical Support

    VR06-18: Technical Support Documentation.htm


    Additional Information

    VR06-18 Guidelines 21CFR part 11.pdf

    VR06-18: FAQ's.pdf

    VR06-18: Firmware Update Sheet.pdf

    VR06-18: CF Card Memory

    VR06-18: Reset to Factory Default.pdf 

    VR06-18: Modbus Parameters.pdf 


    Agency Approvals

    UL Approval.pdf

    CE Conformity.pdf

    EU_REACH Compliance.pdf

    RoHS-3 Compliance.pdf


    VR18 Bug: Clock Reset on February 28, 2006 - Firmware upgrade v2.21


    Recorder Home Page.htm

    VR06-18: Recorder Home Page.htm

    VR06-18: Sample Screen Display & Operational Review.htm

    VR06-18: Plug & Play I/O.htm

    VR06-18: Event & Alarm Description.htm

    VR06-18: Installation: Panel or Bench Top Mounting.htm

    VR06-18: Configuration.htm

    VR06-18: Special Features: Math, Totalize, etc.htm

    VR06-18: Observer Software Review.htm

    VR06-18: Technical Support Documentation.htm

    VR06-18: Download Firmware and Observer Software.htm

    VR06-18: Security; CFR21 Part 11 Features.htm


    Product Line Review Brochure:

    FDC_Product_Line_Review.pdf (415KB)


    VR Series Paperless Recorder

    September 2023

    The VR06 / VR18 Paperless Recorders are no longer available having reached their End of Life due to component obsolescence.



    Analog Input, Digital Input and Digital Output cards and misc. parts are available until their inventory is depleted.


    This and supporting product pages will remain accessible for support purposes until further notice


    The VR Series Paperless Recorders, upgraded to a larger 6.5" TFT display is the most advanced and offers the largest display of an 100mm style paperless recorder available. With 8MB on-board RAM for data storage and reliable low cost Compact Flash (CF) cards the VR Series are ideal for monitoring, recording and evaluation processes in a variety of applications.
    [1GB CF card standard, 2 GB optional]


    The VR Series offers modular design allowing up to 18 analog inputs or a mix of analog & digital I/O utilizing plug & play I/O cards.


    The standard VR Series includes 6 Timer functions and with the Extended Software now standard (Math) now includes 6 counters, an additional 18 derived channels configurable with Math Expressions and/or as Totalizers.With up to 18 analog inputs and 18 Derived channels for Math & other functions the VR 18 has potential for up to 36 channels!


    When enabled, the High Security with CFR-21 Part 11 features meets the data acquisition requirements for CFR21 Part 11. The VR, whether configured for Normal or High Security, also meets the requirements of NADCAP AMS2750E for data acquisition electronic records.


    The VR Series 6.5" TFT high resolution [640 x 480] display allows multiple display formats and easy-to-access keys make monitoring and setup extremely easy. Data can be stored in flash ROM, compact flash card or on a PC via RS485 or Ethernet options.


    VR18 and VR06 Paperless Recorders:
    VR18 allows up to 18 Analog Inputs
    VR06 allows up to 6 Analog Inputs
    Click here for a list of differences

    Easy to Use, Easy to Configure, Easy Communication Features!

    Warranty: 2 Years


    Security: None, "Normal" and "CFR-21" part 11 type security features.


    Communications: Observer I Software & Ethernet are standard, with optional Observer II software communicate with up to 255 recorders, DDE exchange and more. Observer I & II software information

    • 6.5" Color TFT LCD with 640 x 340 resolution
    • Mounting: Panel Mount or optional Bench Top
    • Up to 18 Isolated universal temperature & linear inputs with 200ms scan for all channels
    • High Accuracy: 18 Bit A/D input [click for more info 18Bit]
    • Plug & Play I/O Cards - 6 slots
      • With 3 analog inputs per card; 18 analog input max
      • 6 Relay output per card; up to 24 Relay output
      • 6 Digital Input per card; up to 36 Digital Input
      • Retransmission mA/VDC; 3 outputs per card
      • Transmitter Power Supply; 6 24VDC/30mA per card
      • Communications: Ethernet is standard with optional RS232/485 Modbus
    • Extended Screen Life - Automatic Screen shut off via time or infrared detector.
    • Observer Software included to view encrypted data files and/or configuration.
    • Data saved on reliable low cost Compact Flash or PC.
      • 8MB on board ROM and 1GB CF card standard, optional 2GB CF card.
    • Data may be viewed on VR18 screen after saved on CF card or PC
    • The standard Extended Software includes Math functions Boolean logic, totalize, count, timer and High Security with CFR21 Part 11 Features. (the Extended Software was made standard August 2009).
      • Reports include daily, weekly & monthly totalize and count values.
      • Includes 18 Derived Channel assignments
    • User Friendly: Simple Configuration and operation
    • UL/CSA/CE

    How VR Series assists in Regulatory and HACCP Compliance

    CFR21 Part 11 / AMS 2750E Requirements: The VR Series meets the requirements for electronic data acquisition files for both the pharmaceutical CFR21 Part 11 and NADCAP AMS 2750E typically found in the heat treading industry.


    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): The VR Series provides a manner to easily incorporate data logging, alarm management, LAN connectivity and more to a process utilizing HACCP protocols.


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