What is Orion?

Orion is an embedded SCADA and control interface system that interfaces with loop controllers, ramp/soak profilers and a digital alarm manager. The interface is a 5.7" Nema4 touch interface with all software included on a 128MB compact flash card. No external PC software is required for setup or configuration.

Data from each device can be viewed and edited from the Orion interface. Connection to devices is via an RS485 Modbus [one to many] connection.

Printing: Print Data Views and files directly from Orion or archive, analyze and/or print on a PC .csv data files including: Historical Data log, alarm, recipe and audit files.

Control Loops: Orion can monitor up to 20 control loops. Controllers can be any mix of Future Design Controls single loop [Series C, 100 & 300], profile [P Series] or limit devices [L Series]. These controllers can represent temperature, pressure or other process variable including Flow Totalization.

Orion provides a rich set of tools for control interaction, data analysis and operator ease of use. Configurable multi-level system security insures operator access to appropriate items as well as complete audit trail of operator actions. System security & audit trail are configured separately with the audit trail saved in .csv format.]

View control data in loop view, overview, trend or bargraph format. Change setpoint, tuning parameters, alarm setpoint of units for any controller on the link. The menu driven interface eliminates screen "clutter" by providing an easy to use Windows® interface between the user and Orion system. Orion can be configured for any View as default on Power Up; Configuration details here.

Web Server - View data from intra or internet. Use traditional PC, PDA, internet enabled Cell phone or other internet device to view PV, SP, % Out, Alarm Status or other values.

Setpoint, Ramp/Soak Setpoint Recipes PID Tuning file management: Orion allows easy creation, edit and virtually unlimited file storage. When used with our ramp/soak profile controls the first two loops can be configured to load & start setpoint recipes either as a single dual-loop device or independently - up to 20 profile and/or single setpoint controls can be connected at a time.

Data Logging: Any of the up to 20 controls can have their data saved to Orion. If so configured data for each controller may be written to the log at a fixed interval of 1-minute (1440 readings per day). Data Logging may be configured to begin on power up or on demand by the operator.

If the logger is left running on a 24-hour basis, a new file will be generated automatically at the end of the configured Data Log time period; configurable from 24 hours up to 31 days in 1 day increments. Orion can store up to 1 year of controller data [for 15 controls or less] running 24/7.

Historical Data Trend: Data file analysis tools [auto-trend] make looking at historical data a simple task. Any control variable saved to the "I-Stick" can be plotted directly on Orion's Historical Data Trend for any time frame within the data file's total time range. Data files are saved in .csv format and may be easily transferred using the File Utilities to the provided 128MB "I-Stick" memory stick for archival or to be viewed on a PC with Excel® or Future Design Controls "Free" Orion DataView PC Viewer.

Alarm Monitor & History: The Alarm view displays all loops that are currently in alarm.  Any time a controller goes into alarm, the background on all view screens will turn red until the alarm is acknowledged.  When an alarm is acknowledged, the backgrounds will return to their normal color but the alarm will stay in the alarm grid. Each time an alarm is active in Orion system the alarm is written to a history file.The Alarm history view displays all alarms for any daily period for up to one year. 

Digital Alarm Manager:

The Digital Alarm Manager's alarms are viewed with the Alarm Monitor & History as described above.


Panel Mount Memory Adapter for Memory I-Stick.pdf


DIN Rail Mount Adapter for 1/32 and 1/16 DIN controls.pdf



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Product Brochure, Manual & Pricing

Orion Brochure 6-2006.pdf [113KB]

Orion Manual Rev1.7.5 06-04-2006.pdf [1.1MB] 

FDC-2010-L Orion Price Page.pdf [30KB]


Agency Approval & Compliance

UL Approval.pdf

CE Conformity.pdf

RoHS Compliance.pdf


Orion DataView PC Software Download

Orion DataView Installer 1.1.zip [9.9MB]

Installs with Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP Pro & Vista



For More Information:


Configuration & Setup Screens.htm: Configure how many and type of control loops, tagnames and other system configuration.


Printing Functions: Print Data Views, Historical Data files including Data Log files, Alarm files, Audit Trail files, Recipe files, etc.


Web Server: View Data from intra or internet


System Setup.htm: Faceplates, SP limits, delays, touch calibr, system security, etc.


Data Views.htm: Single & Dual Loop, Bargraph, Alarm Monitor, Pushbutton Status, Trend & Overall Views


Data Logging & View Historical Data.htm


PID Values.htm: create, save, edit & download


Recipes: Single Setpoint, PID & Alarm Recipes.htm: create, save, edit & download


Recipes: Ramp/Soak Profiles [Setpoint Recipes].htm: create, save, edit, download & run.htm


Alarm Views & History.htm : View current alarms, alarm history and data log files.


Digital Alarm Monitor "First-In" & Push Button Controls.htm


Flow Totalizing Features.htm


System Security & Audit Trail.htm


I-Stick Panel Mount Mounting Adapter.htm


File Utilities.htm: Transfer Data Log, Profiles, Recipes, Tuning, Alarm & Audit directories from Compact Flash Card to I-Stick Memory via USB port.


Orion Hardware Dimensions & Specifications.htm


Orion DataView PC Viewer.htm: View data log files [.csv format] with Free PC software.


Orion Troubleshooting.htm


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