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CR06 Strip Chart Recorder
100 mm Strip Chart Recorder
Standard 100mm Enclosure:
  • 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Requirements
  • AMS2750E Heat Treat Applications
  • Ovens - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers/Autoclaves
  • Low Cost 100mm Strip Chart Recorder
  • 6 Universal analog inputs
  • Large LED Display
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Panel cutout 138mm x 138mm
  • Shallow 150mm / 5.9" depth
  • IP65/Nema 4X
  •       CE  Rohs


    CR06 Product Brochure, Manual & Pricing

    CR06 Brochure.pdf

    CR06 Manual February 2007.pdf


    CR06 Price Page.pdf


    FAQ answered from pages of the CR06 Manual

    CR06 Communication Manual C0005E.pdf

    CR06 Calibration Procedure.pdf

    CR06 Paper Out Addendum 01-2007.pdf

    CR06 Field Install 6-Relay Card 01-2007.pdf

    CR06 Field Install 6-Relay RS485 & Combo Relay RS485 Cards.pdf

    CR06 Field Replace 6-Relay Card.pdf

    CR06 How to Setup Start/End Printing.pdf

    CR06 How to List Printing.pdf

    CR06 How to Setup Chart Scaling.pdf


    CR06 Error Code List.pdf

    CR06 Error Code 2 and 10.pdf



    CR06 2-Year Warranty.pdf


    Agency Approval

    CE Conformity.pdf

    EU_REACH Compliance.pdf

    RoHS-3 Compliance.pdf


    CR06 100mm 6 Channel Strip Chart Recorder

    from $1,700 List


    The CR06 offers brilliant 6-color printing, Universal temperature & process inputs, Large LED display, less than 6" panel depth, Nema 4 and RS232 communication as standard.


    • Easy to Program
    • Brilliant 6-color Dot Matrix printing.
    • Universal Temperature & Process Inputs
    • Large LED display; 18mm/0.71" High
    • Short Depth: 150mm/5.9"
    • DIN Panel Cutout: 138mm x 138mm
    • IP65/Nema 4X
    • RS232 standard
    • Optional:
      • 6 relay output
      • 3 digital input
      • RS485 Modbus (includes 6-relay output)
      • 3 relay output & 3 digital input
      • Out of Paper Sensor & Output
    • 2-Year Warranty.pdf


    • Out-of-paper option requires relay output option or combination relay output / digital input. Relay output #1 is assigned as Out-of-paper output and may also be assigned as an separate process alarm output.
    • Field Installed Option: 6 Relay output module
    • Not Field Installed Options:
      • Out-of-paper
      • 3 Digital Input
      • 3 Relay / 3 Digital Input


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