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Orion-M iSeries Control System
Process Control System Orion-M Touch screen SCADA LAN
  • 21 CFR21 Part 11 FDA Requirements
  • AMS2750E Heat Treating Requirements
  • Ovens - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Medical Warming Appliances
  • Freezers, Chillers & related equipment
  • Scientific Appliances
  • Test & Measurement Applications
  • 7" and 10"" Touchscreen
  • Easy to Use Windows style drop down menu
  • Supports 1 through 10 Loops with Profiling &         supporting up to 16/32 DI/DO, Cascade, etc.
  • Data Logging & Alarm Management
  • Security & Operator Audit Trail
  • LAN: Web Server / Email on Alarm
  • Security / Operator Audit Trail
  • File Transfer via USB, email or FTP (LAN)
  • OEM configurable to enable only the features        needed to meet application needs
  • PR Series Paperless Recorder Future Design Controls Video



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    Orion-M iSeries Control System Video Page


    FDC-Orion-M iSeries Brochure.pdf (455KB)

    FDC-Orion-M iSeries Order Matrix.pdf (102KB)

    FDC-Orion-M iSeries Price Matrix.pdf (102KB)


    Orion-M iSeries Review Video Presentation

    Orion-M_iSeries_on YouTube


    Part Number Matrix

    FDC-Orion-M_iSeries Matrix.pdf (102KB)


    Operation & OEM Configuration Manuals

    FDC-Orion-M iSeries Manual rev_E.pdf [9.6MB]

    FDC-Orion-M iSeries Config Manual rev_C.pdf [825KB]


    Remote Communications




    Configuration & Setup Worksheet



    Loop Control Reference Guides* / Configuration Manuals







    FDC-Orion-M_WDPM_PM_Series_Controller_Guide_rev C.pdf



    *Loop Control Brand Name cross reference

    FD = Future Design Control

    DH = Danaher®

    EU = Eurotherm®

    HW = Honeywell®

    RD = Red Lion®

    WD = Watlow®

    YK = Yokogawa®


    Product Comparison: Orion-Mi and nCompass LC / CM

    nCompass_LC-CM and Orion-Mi_Comparison Chart.pdf


    Agency Information        

    UL Approval.pdf


    CE Conformity.pdf

    RoHS Compliance.pdf


    Orion-M iSeries SR Version





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    Product Line Review Brochure:

    FDC_Product_Line_Review.pdf (415KB)


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    Orion-M iSeries Operator Interface

    The Orion-M iSeries Control System is an advanced single & multi-loop control system with touch screen operator interface, embedded SCADA and LAN features. Orion-M iSeries offers optional monitor points and logic control that is sized to meet the automation needs of a wide range of process equipment. The Orion-M provides user friendly displays with Windows® style intuitive operation for control systems with one or more of the following needs:

    • Graphic User Interface: Windows CE 7" or 10" Color Touch Screen operator interface.
    • Loop Controls: operator interface for discreet or multi-loop control applications supporting up to 15 loops.
    • Monitor Inputs: Up to 15 Monitor inputs from 2 8-channel t/c, RTD or mA/VDC input cards and/or from input #2 of select loop controls.
    • Digital IO Control Logic, alarms and more (up to 16 digital inputs & 32 digital outputs).
    • SCADA / Data Acquisition with digital signatures (encryption) logging up to 30 PV values (15 loop & 15 monitor inputs), configurable to also log loop setpoints, PID percent out as well as operator events entered manually or via bar code scanner.
    • Profile (ramp-soak) control functions & file management
      • unlimited number of profiles each with up to 99 steps; each step configurable for event outputs, "wait for" and other step logic
    • Alarm configuration (30 alarms) and alarm file management
    • Security: multi-level user rights based security system & audit trail
    • File Management: Historical Data (data log), Profile, Alarm and Operator Audit Trail file management, viewing locally or remote PC, file transfer, etc.
    • LAN Features: email/SMS on alarm, file transfer via email or FTP, Web page (view only) and Remote Access via VNC.
    • Fieldbus Networks:
      • DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen & other Networks: Utilizing the Anybus Communicator from HMS, Orion's optional serial port can communicate with a variety of fieldbus networks such as DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, CANopen, Modbus RTU RS485 and more, all with complete R/W.
      • Rockwell Network Capability: pre-configured ControlLogix PLC software to provide a standard communication interface from Orion's optional serial port to Rockwell products as well as customer developed logic for functions not included in the Orion-M iSeries.
      • SCADA Software:

    Orion-M iSeries Hardware

    The Orion-M uses separate hardware for the Graphic User Interface (GUI), logic control module and loop controls (multiple loop control vendors supported) providing greater system integrity and installation flexibility. The Orion-M allows up to 15-loop controls, 15-monitor inputs with up to two 8-channel T/C, RTD or linear mA/VDC cards and/or input #2 on select loop controls, 16 digital inputs & 32 digital outputs providing a flexible, low cost easy to use Operator Interface and SCADA control solution.

    EnVision PC based SCADA - FREE

    PC Based EnVision software (FREE) provides convenient manner to not only view Orion-M Data files, operator events, alarm & audit trail files on a PC but is a free standing SCADA system. Envision can communicate with up to 128 devices (Orion, nCompass and FDC loop controls and IO modules), separate data log file for each device as well as a system data log file with selectable points from all devices. Standard features include multi-level security, web serving, email/SMS for alarms, alarm relay output (USB connection to PC), separate appliance maintenance, general and profile notes/records and much more.

    Fieldbus Communications

    The 3rd party Anybus Communicator from HMS can connect Orion's optional serial communication port to a variety of fieldbus networks such as DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, Modbus RTU RS485 and more, all with complete R/W. Serial to Ethernet gateways are available as well as RS232 to 485 converters. For more information click Anybus Communicator.

    Orion-M iSeries with or without GUI (touch screen)

    The Orion-M iSeries is available with or without a touchscreen display. When used without a touch screen (GUI) the operator interface and all data logging, monitoring, profile management, etc. would be through a supervisory PC running EnVision or other 3rd party control system. Note a GUI is required to configure Orion-M iSeries.


    Orion-M iSeries Feature Review

    Integrated Control Solution

    • Process Control (up to 15 loops): Configurable as a typical single loop or with calculations for Cascade or Humidity (wet/dry bulb).
      • Multiple loop control vendors supported; Future Design Controls, Honeywell, Watlow, Danaher, Yokogawa and more. Refer to order matrix and/or contact Future Design Controls for a complete loop control listing.
    • Data Acquisition (paperless recorder) up to 15 loops & 15-monitor points (30 PVs, each loop control SP & % out). Monitor Inputs (15 max) can be an assortment of inputs from 6 or 8-channel analog input modules and/or the 2nd analog input from specific dual input loop controls.
      • Digital Signatures may be manually or auto added to historical data files as a manner of data encryption
      • Operator Events (comments) may be entered manually and/or via optional bar code scanner.
      • PC Based Envision software (FREE) provides convenient manner to not only view Data files, operator events, alarm & audit trail files on desktop PC but is a free standing SCADA system that can run separate log files for up to 128 Orion or other FDC devices (single loop controls).
    • I/O: up to 16 Digital Inputs & 32 Digital Outputs configurable as alarms, events & logic I/O with timer functions
    • Profiles (ramp-soak) with up to 99 segments and 32 configurable events
    • Alarm Management (email/SMS on alarms)
    • Logic & Sequence Control with timer functions, DI/DO defeat logic and more.
    • Security: multi-level with user rights to over 40 operator functions and complete operator audit trail. (The audit trail details every operator action from viewing a file, start/stop profile, load profile to even changing SP value from xx value to yy value.)

    LAN Features (Ethernet)

    • Remote Access via VNC protocol to GUI from PC’s, PDA’s or other devices with VNC Viewer software.
    • Email/SMS upon alarm condition
    • Email Historical Data, Profile, Alarm and Audit Trail files on-demand.
    • FTP Historical Data file transfer
    • Web Page (view only) with all data shown
    • Connect to National Time Server (NTS) to update exact & accurate system time to internal Real Time Clock (RTC)

    Graphic User Interface (GUI)

    • TFT 7” or 10" Color Touch Screen Windows® CE computer with LAN features
    • Ease of use with intuitive Windows® style Menu Bar and drop down menu system
    • Simple access to up to 15 loop controls and 15-monitor points
    • View & Print live Trends, Historical Data, Alarm and Operator Audit Trails
    • File Transfer via USB, email and for Historical Data files FTP

    Flexible Configuration & Use

    • Intuitive easy to use Windows® style Menu Bar and Menu drop down selections.
    • Configurable Home Page (choose Main View from the selection of Views)
    • Menu items (main menu bar & drop down menu items) configurable to dynamically be seen or not. This provides maximum flexibility to simplify operation and to only allow operator access to the appropriate features (whether operator, supervisor or administrator security groups).
    • Configurable Data Acquisition History Viewer, full support of operator events, digital signatures & advanced encryption
    • Help Menu bar provides screen view specific text & voice assistance configurable in multiple languages.
    • Detailed Manuals and easy to follow & document Excel® configuration worksheets.
    • Easy Export/Import utility to export a specific configuration for import to other Orion-M control systems.

    How Orion-Mi Series assists in Regulatory and HACCP Compliance

    CFR21 Part 11 / AMS 2750E Requirements: Orion-Mi data logging with digital signatures, accuracy of the loop controls coupled with its Security meets the requirements for electronic data acquisition files for both the pharmaceutical CFR21 Part 11 and NADCAP AMS2750E typically found in the heat treading industry.

    HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): Orion-Mi provides a manner to easily incorporate data logging, alarm management, LAN connectivity, operator audit trails and more to devices in a process utilizing HACCP protocols.

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