Future Design's MultiView is a complete configuration and data acquisition package for Future Design controllers.

Configurable data save, real time trends, alarm log, digital values, bargraphs and more! Up to 64 units can be connected. Complete project setups can be saved or loaded to eliminate time consuming setup tasks during product or system changes.

The built-in data viewer allows the user to view any data file in a spreadsheet format without leaving the program. Plotting historical data is as easy as selecting cells and pressing the "plot" button.

Multiview supports FDC models 2500, 9300, 8300 and 4300 series. Win98, NT4.0, 2000 and XP Professional are supported.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 versions, without system security, are available upon request or go to Downloads.

Installing MultiView on a PC with Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 and later requires MultiView V2.05; visit Downloads for V2.05

MultiView offers 21CFR Part 11 features for use in Pharmaceutical or any industry that requires controlled security access to software functions, encrypted data, electronic signatures and audit trail listings.
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