MCT Control Family

1/4 DIN (All In One), Slim-Line HMI or PLC based multi-loop controllers that operate like your favorite phone or tablet.   Easy to use touch screen with slide navigation, menus, notifications and touch scroll lists.   Programmable math/logic, 4 levels of user based security, audit trails and digtial signatures to meet regulatory requirements.

1 To 10 PID Loops.  Up to 15 monitor points.  Plug in FM limit (MCT4 Only)

Static, Program,Cascade or Redundancy Control

Math, logic, timers included as standard (MCT4/B)

SQL Compatible, Factory Wide Connect and Complete File Backups

Simple setup like your favorite phone or tablet

  • Touch screen (4.3" or 7") interface with slide navigation, menus, notifications and touch scroll lists
  • 1 to 10 loops of control.   1/4 DIN (All in one with 3 loops of plug/play cards), Slim-HMI door mount or PLC based.  1 loop can be an FM limit (MCT4 Only)
  • 8 to 15 channel programmable monitor option
  • Math, logic and timers standard with direct IO control (MCT4/B Only)
  • DIN rail mount IO expander provides additional digital IO for alarm and logic operations for MCT4/B models. (16 digital inputs/14 digital outputs)
  • Email (SSL/TLS), SMS, FTP, FileWeb, DataWeb (SQL), VNC, NTS and Web page standard
  • Remote View/Control using PC, Tablet or Smartphone Interface/Apps
  • National Time Server (NTS) eliminates setting date and time manually
  • Serial and TCP/IP Modbus RTU
  • User configurable data logging and historical data viewer standard
  • Audit trails and Digital signatures standard to meet regulatory requirements
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Touch screen, menu or slide navigation with touch list user interface.  Enable/disable "Apps" required for each application (static, profile, cascade, etc.)   64 step profiler with 8GB of data storage.  "One Touch" profile entry with touch scroll lists and dynamic icon menus to eliminate costly learn curves.     Multi-lingual interface supports 11 languages standard.


1 to 10 loops control, 8-15 monitor point option with math, logic and timers included as standard (MCT4/B only). Programmable physical and soft alarms.  4 levels of security with digitally signed audit trails and data files keep data secure and traceable.  User configurable datalogging and historical viewer. Meets data acquisition requirements for CFR21 Part 11 and AMS 2750F (MCT4/B only).


Email (SSL/TLS), SMS Text messaging, National Timer Server, Web page, FTP, FileWeb and DataWeb (LAN or Cloud storage). Real time DataWeb is SQL compatible for standard factory floor connectivity.  Protocols include Serial and TCP/IP Modbus, Remote View/Control using PC or Smart Devices via Virtual Network Computing (VNC).

See the MCT interface in action

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Additional Features

  • Dynamic screens and "App" option configurations
  • Programmable data logging
  • Digital signatures (Data Log & Audit Trail files)
  • Historical Data Log file Viewer
  • Chart trend view (live data view up to last 24 hrs.)
  • Automated program (profile) entry with holdback & wait for logic per step by channel
  • Alarms; Loops. & Derived channels supporting physical and soft alarms with configurable Logic, Time Delays, Ringback, Hidden, email/SMS, etc.
  • DIN rail mount IO expander provides additional digital IO for alarm and logic operations for MCT4/B models. (16 digital inputs/14 digital outputs)
  • 5 PID Sets per Loop (MCT4/B Only)
  • Security: User Group based with full Audit trail entries
  • 11 supported languages with 1-button configuration
  • National time server (NTS) connectivity
  • LAN or Cloud based SQL connectivity
  • Meets the requirements for data acquisition. & Accuracy for CFR21 Part 11 & AMS 2750F (MCT4/B Only)
  • And More ....


90-250 VAC
11-26 VAC/VDC

4.3", 7" TFT color touch display
Resolution: 480 X 272 (4.3"), 800 X 480 (7")
Colors: 65,536
Display lifetime hours (nominal): 30,000
Type: Resistive Analog - IP65

Display Processor

Dimensions/Panel Cutout
4.3" and 7" display options
See drawings/specifications in manuals

Data Storage
256MB Internal Flash - 8GB SD (SLC)

Serial: Com1 (RS232), Com2 (232./485) Ethernet: 10\100 baseT - USB: 1 host Modbus Master and Slave Protocols

Storage Temperature
-20 to 60 C

Operating Temperature
0 to 50 C

10% to 90%, no condensation

3 shocks per direction 11ms 10g

10 to 25.7 Hz: 0.75mm amplitude
25.7 to 150Hz: 1g 1oct/min. 10 sweeps

20M ohms minimum (500VDC)

Dielectric Strength
2300Vac 50/60 Hz for 1 minute between power terminal and earth

Approval Standards