LAN based “SQL” compatible data acquisition for any MCT controller. Real time data storage, History, automated file backups and controller configurations for all MCT devices connected to a local PC. Uses any browser based interface for view of tabular or trend data. Multiple users and import/export of all data supported(.csv/.xls).

Lan/PC Connectivity for all MCT Devices Connected

Standard Web Browser Interface For All Data Viewing

Encrypted Import/Export Device Configurations

SQL Compatible, Factory Wide Connect and Complete File Backups


    Simple setup like your favorite phone or tablet

    • LAN/Ethernet connectivity for each MCT controller
    • Use any browser to interface with device data, files, configurations and user settings
    • Search data by ID, date, time, controller variable or custom search
    • Real time/historical data and file based storage are digitally signed to ensure data integrity
    • Export search criteria in Excel or .CSV format
    • No configuration required for tagname, variable scope, etc. (auto config on server side)
    • SQL (Structured Query Language) compatible for factory floor database access
    • Restore configuration for any MCT device connected to the network
    • View data in tablular (spreadsheet) or trend formats
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Complete setup in minutes. Connect any MCT device via an Ethernet network, IP address, username and password.  Server side connect and setup is automatic with no configuration required.  Tagname or protocol table assignment not required. Service runs in background for "SQL" access with no user inteface required.       


Real time and historical data is SQL compatible (Structured Query Language) for access from factory floor IT systems. Controller file system backups and device configurations simplify any manufacturing process. LAN only access simplifies local usage/planning with cloud configurable scaling options provided.  


Standard Local Area Network (LAN), Ethernet connectivity.  Local PC and factory floor connect for all data.  Scalable for "Cloud" connectivity as required.

See the MCT controller in action

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Additional Features

  • $0.00 Cost solution for data storage/file backup/configuration access
  • "SQL" compatible for factory floor/back office connectivity
  • Complex system setup eliminated
  • Real Time/Historical Logging 
  • Standard browser interface/data access 
  • Silent/backround service. No user interface when required 
  • Encrypted import/export configurations for factory floor manufacturing compliance  
  • Expandable for LAN or Cloud storage configurations.


Operating System:
Windows 10 (Home or professional)
.Net 4.6 framework (Min. 4.7+ recommened)

CPU: Intel Core or Xeon 3GHz, Cores: Single (Dual/Quad recommended)
RAM: 4 GB (6 GB recommended)
Graphics: nVidia or ATI with support of OpenGL
Display Resolution: 1920 x 1200 is recommended

Processing Power:
No limitations on number of MCT devices connected
Multiple PC's can run service to balance load requirements


    • MCT Connect Manaual Rev-F (Dec 2021)
    • Download
    • Important: ReadMe Before Installation!
    • Download
    • MCT-Connect V1.1 Release 01-30-2022 (.ZIP)
    • Download