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FM Approved Temperature High Limit Controls

FM Approved Temperature High Limit Controls FM Approved High Limit P91 and P41

FM Approved High Limit DIN Rail Mount Series 7L

Features Models 7L - L91-L41 - L22-L62-L42:
  • Oven - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Hot Plates / Melt Pots
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers / Autoclaves
  • Wherever Redundant Limit Control is        appropriate
  • UL/cUL and UR/cUR (L91 & Series 7L)
  • FM Approval as Limit Control
  • NFPA
  •       L91-L411- L22/L62/L42 meet requirements           to display both temperature & setpoint
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Analog Input L91-L41: Universal T/C-RTD with     special order code for mA or VDC
  • Analog Input L22/L62/L42: Universal Input
  • Analog Input Series 7L: Defined T/C or RTD
  • Low Voltage power (optional)
  • Control Outputs
  • L91-L41 Out #1 (Limit) 2A Relay SPDT or SSRD
  • L91-L41 Out #2 Relay/SSRD, Trx PS or Comms
  • L22-L62-L42 Out #1 (Limit)Relay SPST or SSRD
  • L22-L62-L42 Out #2: 2A Relay SPST or SSRD
  • Series 7L Out #1 5A Relay SPDT
  • Communication Options:
  • L91-L41-L22 / L62 / L42
  •       Remote Reset Event Input(s)
  •       Retransmission mA/VDC
  •       Serial Modbus
  • Series 7L (standard:)
  •       Remote Reset Event
  • Display Logic & Configuration
  • L91-L41-L22 / L62 / L42
  •       Configurable Display Logic - SAFE
  •       PC Configurable
  • All Limit Models:       CE  


    L91 and Series 7L:     


    L41 / L22 / L62 / L42:  UL   



    High Limits Controls Additional Page Links

    L91 1/16 DIN and L41 1/4 DIN
    DIN Rail/Surface Mount Series 7L

    L22 DIN Rail Mount, 1/16 DIN L62 & 1/4 DIN L42

    Agency Approvals

    UL Approval.pdf

         (L41 is UL Listed while the L91 is UR Component Recognized)

    UL Conditions of Acceptability: FDC-L91.pdf




    FM Approval FDC-L22-L62-L42,pdf

    EU_REACH Compliance.pdf

    RoHS-3 Compliance.pdf


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    Panel Mount Temperature Controls L91/ L41 and L22/L62/L42 1/16 and 1/4 DIN Panel Mount and DIN Rail Mount (L22)
    (L91 & L62 W/16 DIN offer optional DRA DIN Rail Mount Adapter)

    Future Design Controls FM Approved L Series limit controls with LED displays, models L91 & L41 and the L-Series limit controls wit LCD displays models L22/L62/L42 offer FM approved temperature limit protection in 1/16 DIN, 1/4 DIN and DIN Rail Mount configurations. in process applications where FM approvals are required.


    The L91/L41 and L22/L62/L42 meet the NFPA National Fire Protection Association applicable to excess temperature limit controls when used in ovens/furnaces to display both temperature and setpoint values.


    With universal temperature input, up to two outputs, fast scan rates, remote reset, 3-Year Warranty, user friendly prompts and more make the L- Series L91/L41 and the L22/L62/L42 the right choice for safety protection.


    DIN Rail/Surface Mount Temperature Controls Series 7L


    Future Design Controls FM Approved High Limit Series 7L allows for DIN Rail or Surface Mounting providing hi-limit protection for process applications not requiring temperature indication with teh with its easy to use Setpoint adjusted by a knob over a combinaytion degrees F/C defined scale.




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