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FDC-730-K6C Kiln Control System
FDC-2010-K5C Kiln Control System
Common Features
Features: Dry Kiln
Features: Pallet Heat Treat
  • Low Cost compared to legacy        MRC7000 and newer PC Systems
  • Easy to Use Touch Screen Interface        with Help Screens for every view
  • Data Logging all Temperatures
  • Alarm Monitor & Alarm History file
  • Security & Operator Audit Trail
  • LAN: Remote Access, web page,        SMS/Text upon alarm, FTP & more
  • Configurable as Kiln, Heat Treat or        combination unit.
  • Enable only the required features
  • Easy to Enter, Edit & Run Schedules
  • All Kiln Data shown on main View; Dry Bulbs,         Web Bulb, Vent & Fan status, EMC value, etc.
  • Schedule Names 16-character alphanumeric
  • Base unit offers up to 4 temperature inputs, fdc        2-dry, 1-wet & 1-core RTD sensors with option        of up to 6 additional RTD sensors typically  x        to monitor Core samples with Dump Cycles
  • Fan Direction Configurable Time & Dwell
  • Digital Input Logic for multiple functions
  • KilnView PC Software to connect to multiple        Kiln Control Systems
  • Easy to Operate
  • All Heat Treat Data shown on main       View; Chamber Temp, Sterilize SP,       Time at SP, Cool down time and       Pallets 1-3 current temperature.
  • Control of Chamber Temperature or       Lowest Pallet probe
  • Data Log file includes Sterilizer       Cycle Information
  • Auto Printout at end of cycle on PC       is available
  •      CE  Rohs


    Kiln Additional Page Links

    Kiln FDC 730 K6C Sample Screen Views

    Click here for Tech Support Page

    Miscellaneous Features

    • Help Screens that are content sensitive to each operator View and are configurable for English, French or Spanish. System also provides audio output for Help - connect typical PC speakers and hear Help in the configured language.
    • EMC & %RH shown on main Kiln view. An EMC setpoint may be entered on any stage within a Schedule that when setpoint is achieved provides a Stage Advance or alarm output
    • Real time trends (with adjustable X & Y limits) for all inputs allowing easy "walk by" check for last 12 hours - similar to chart recorder.
    • Monitor Probe View for additional temperature sensors connected to system. Note: Monitor Probes may be configured for logic; Stage Advance on Core Temps exceeding SP [Sterilization] or falling below SP.
    • Schedule entry, open, save and download interface screens.
    • Configurable digital inputs (OEM Configuration) or E-Stop, Schedule remote start/stop/hold and advance/previous Stage and/or to defeat any control/event output. The "defeat" control/event output allows significant flexibility for a variety of situations including Energy Savings.
    • System setup for Users and Configuration for OEMs for a variety of functions; i.e. fans direction/timing, control tuning, alarm setpoints, etc.

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    FDC-2010-K5C Manuals and Price Page

    FDC-2010-K6C Operators Manual v2.2.pdf [4.3MB]

    FDC-2010-K5C OEM Config Manual v2.1.pdf [510KB]




    Technical Support Web Page

    FDC-2010-K6C Support.htm

    Contact information and download links


    KilnView Software - click here for link

    KilnView Software Manual v1.1.pdf [1.3MB]

    KilnView Software Manual Combo_v1.2.pdf [684KB]

    Note: KilnView "Combo" v1.2 is used with

    FDC-2010-K6C Kiln Control System HMI v1.5 and

    PLC v1.00.


    Orion DataView PC Software Download

    Orion DataView Installer [9.9MB]


    Agency Information        

    UL Approval.pdf (UL/cUL)

    CE Conformity.pdf

    RoHS Compliance.pdf



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    For Information on the following Topics:


    FDC-2010-K6C Touch Screen Software Updates.htm

    Contact information & links to download touch screen software updates.


    Kiln mode: Primary Operator Display Views.htm

    (web page link):

    Main Views, Monitor Probes, Set Manual Outputs, Trending, Alarm Monitor & History and Audit Trail


    Kiln mode: Main Schedule Views.htm

    (web page link):

    Drying Schedule View, Schedule Edit/Run, Schedule Run, Hold, Stop; Drying Schedule View, Schedule Entry, Plot Schedule, Edit Schedules, Run Schedule, Advance to Next or Previous Stage and Add Subtract Time


    KilnView Software Package.htm (Kiln Only):
    (web page link):
    KilnView PC Software Review - communicate with up to 16 FDC-2010-K6C Controls as well as up to 48 single loop controls.


    Kiln EMC Operation.htm: (Kiln Only) (web page link):

    Description of EMC calculated values shown on Kiln's Main View and control logic if so configured.

    LAN Features.htm: (web page link): Description of LAN standard features: Remote Access (embedded VNC Server), email/SMS text on alarm, FTP of Historical Data files (embedded FTP client), Web page (embedded web page server) & Atomic Clock time/date update

    Kiln & Heat-Treat: Data Logging & View Historical Data.htm (web page link):

    System Data Logging Start - on start up, on Schedule Start or on Demand. History Data View and printing as graph or averages with High & Low values, etc.


    Kiln & Heat-Treat: Optional Temperature Sensors.htm (web page link):

    Core Temperatures and Monitor only for Pallet Heat-Treat/Sterilize.


    Kiln & Heat-Treat: Direct Printing Functions.htm:

    (web page link):

    Print Data Views, Historical Data files including Data Log files, Alarm files, Audit Trail files, Recipe files, etc.


    Kiln & Heat Treat: System Security & Audit Trail.htm: (web page link):

    Multi level Security & Audit Trail Setup.


    Kiln & Heat-Treat: File Utilities.htm: (web page link):
    Import/Export Data Log, Schedule, Alarm & Audit directories from system memory to USB I-Stick Memory card (1GB) via USB port.


    Control System User Settings.htm: User Configure:

    (web page link):

    • Decimal point selection for temperature
    • IP Address, Remote Access VNC configuration and Web Server
    • Fan Direction times & dwell; configurable relay or analog output. (Kiln operation only)
    • Temperature alarm settings [Deviation High, Low and Process High]
    • Schedule Recovery options on power interruption (Kiln only operation)
    • Control Tuning values & Setpoint Offset (when configured for on/off control) for control of Dry & Wet Bulb, Spray & Vents as configured by OEM. [Vents can be on-off, staged or PID
    • Remote I/O monitor - shows status of all output
    • Temperature Input Alarm Delay
    • Offline Configuration (all outputs disabled)
      • Degrees C or F
      • Setpoint High & Low limits
      • Input Offsets
      • Force System Outputs - allows easy testing of all outputs without running Schedule.
      • Set Time/Date
      • Help Language & Voice enable/disable

    System OEM Configuration.htm:

    (web page link):

    • Configure inputs as RTD or Type J T/C
    • Configure Core & optional Monitor Inputs
    • Configure EMC operation/logic (Kiln only)
    • Configure control outputs as relay on/off or analog PID
    • Configure Linear Outputs as either Control or Retransmission (Kiln only) of Dry & Web Bulb setpoints or temperatures.
    • Configure Names for Digital Inputs, Control & Alarm Outputs, Event Outputs
    • Configure up to 5 DI that can disable Control outputs and logic [schedule hold, heat enable, Fans, Spray Auto, etc.] that may be useful for multiple situations including Energy Savings
    • Pallet Heat-Treat control strategies with staged burner outputs, control off lowest probe and more.

    On-Line Demo.htm (web page link):

    Information to schedule an on-line demonstration of the FDC-730-K6C control system


    Help-Support.htm (web page link):

    Information on multi language Help screens & Audio output and on-board tools to troubleshoot control system.


    Custom OEM Development.htm (web page link):

    explore proprietary versions to include features currently not available in the standard FDC-730-K6C (weight and/or moisture sensors with control logic, softwood multi-zone control, wafer EMC sensors, etc.).


    Energy Saving.htm (web page link):

    Review of features that if connected to 3rd party energy monitoring devices (Load Monitor / Shedding) to reduce energy costs by wiring digital inputs to start/stop/hold schedules and/or disable specific outputs until appropriate.

    Kiln & Heat-Treat: Control Hardware Dimensions & Specifications.htm (web page link):
    Dimensional Drawings and mechanical specifications


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    Data Acquisition (web page link):

    (Historical Data File)

    Kiln: Data Logging can be enabled manually or automatically whenever a Schedule is started. Configurable to data log Dry Bulb 1 & 2, Wet Bulb, Dry & Wet Bulb Setpoints and Wood Core temperatures if so configured.


    Pallet Heat-Treat: Data log file is automatically started when the operator depresses the “Start” button on the main Pallet Heat-Treat screen. Configurable to data log Chamber Setpoint & Temperature, Sterilize Setpoint and Pallets 1 through 3.


    Historical Data File (data log files) analysis tools (auto-trend) make looking at historical data a simple task.  Any control variable saved to the FDC-2010-K6C flash card can be plotted on the historical data trend, for any time frame within the data files total time range.


    Exporting Historical Data files for archiving or review on a traditional PC is an easy task utilizing the menu driven File Utilities to copy files to a USB Memory stick (8GB stick provided). If system is connected to a LAN the embedded FTP Client can be configured to automatically or on-demand transfer files over Ethernet LAN.

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    Security (web page link): Configurable multi-level system security insures operator access to appropriate items as well as complete audit trail of operator actions. The Supervisory PC based KilnView Software offers similar security & audit trail features.

    When using Supervisory PC software, the FDC-730-K6C is User configurable to enable/disable operator access at the touch screen to allow Setpoint changes, Schedule operations or manually control Kiln events.

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    Alarm Monitor & History (web page link): The Alarm view displays all current alarms.  Any time an alarm occurs the background on all view screens will turn red until the alarm is acknowledged.  When an alarm is acknowledged, the backgrounds will return to their normal color but the alarm will stay in the alarm grid. Each time an alarm is active it is written to a history file.The Alarm history view displays all alarms for any daily period for multiple years and if so configured the opened alarm file may be easily emailed to one of up to 30 configured email recipients.

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    Kiln Control System

    The FDC-730-K6C version 1.0 is a Dry Kiln and/or Pallet Heat-Treat controller combined with an operator interface color touch screen.

    The FDC-730-K6C replaced the FDC-2010-K6C effective June 1st 2021 due the 2110 touch screen End of Life (EoL) and is no longer available. The FDC730 touch screen replaces the FDC-2110 touch screen platform requiring the Kiln system part number change. The FDC730 is a functional and form replacement for the FDC-2110 platform display. Operationally they are identical. Note the FDC730 requiring an approx. 1/8" panel cutout enlargement for both width and height.

    Note the FDC-2110-6KC replaced the FDC-2010-K5C in April 2021 due to the system K5C control module End of Life (EOL) and was replaced by the K6C. The K6C is a form, fit and function replacement. Physical size overall is consumes within 1-2" of the K5C depending on number of IO specified. References on this or other Kiln System web pages may reference "K5C".

    For Pallet Sterilizing the FDC-2010-K6C meets the ISPM 15 requirements.

    The color touch screen is a 7" industrial PC with embedded Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software.  No external PC software is required for configuration or operation. All Kiln/Pallet Heat Treat data variables are saved to FDC-730-K6C’s internal memory (4GB SD Card; no hard drive to fail) and is OEM configurable to meet various Kiln and/or Pallet Heat-Treat control needs. Click here for listing of new features in Version 2.1

    Configurable by the Kiln manufacturer for a variety of control logic the FDC-730-K6C offers the lowest component cost Windows based control system while still offering the following features:

    • Intuitive ease of use with Windows style navigation
    • Flexible Control configuration including up to 10 temperature sensors, display & control logic for EMC, Core Temperatures and more (moisture probes are not offered)
    • Schedule / Manual control with easy Schedule file management
    • Alarm Monitor, Audit Trail (operator actions) & Historical Data file management
    • Security (3-levels) with operator Audit Trail files & management.
    • Powerful LAN connection features (Remote Access, email, FTP, Web Server)
    • Want to keep existing Circular Chart Recorders? No problem, the FDC-730-K6C can re-transmit temperature values to existing recorders.

    Clearly, the most flexible, fully featured and Easy to Use "out of the box" Kiln & Pallet Heat-Treat control system available.

    Contact Future Design Controls today to further explore the many features, benefits and LOW OEM cost compared to other 3rd party solutions and/or an OEM's proprietary PC/PLC based control system. The OEM cost for the FDC-730-K6C is under $4K complete; no other PC's required.

    On-Line product reviews (web page link) with units located at our offices are available. On-Line reviews are possible utilizing the FDC-730-K6C's embedded Remote Access VNC Server - contact us now to arrange an on-line product review. For more information on Remote Access - LAN Features.htm

    Additional information and links are shown below and in the right column; click on links for additional information.

    Some of these features are Kiln Specific while others are common. Click here for Pallet Heat-Treat Feature Review Pallet_Heat-Treat.htm

    Custom OEM Development (web page link): Future Design Controls is willing to explore proprietary versions to include features currently not available in the standard FDC-730-K6C (weight and/or moisture sensors with control logic, softwood multi-zone control, wafer EMC sensors, etc.) Contact Future Design Controls.

    FDC-730-K6C Base Hardware Input & Control Outputs: The base FDC-730-K6C has 4-temperature inputs (RTD or Type J T/C) with up to 6 additional temperature inputs available (10 temperature inputs total). The unit comes complete with 24 relay outputs, 15 digital inputs, 2 mA outputs, power supply, connection cables,memory cards, etc. with no surprises beyond panel & installation costs.

    FDC-730-K6C OEM Configurations: The FDC-2010-K6C controls all Dry Kiln and Pallet Heat-Treat functions and can be configured in one of three ways: Dry Kiln only, Pallet Heat-Treat only or Combination Kiln & Pallet Heat-Treat control system.

    LAN Features: The FDC-730-K6C display is a PC offering LAN (Local Area Network) features connecting via Ethernet:

    • Remote Access (remotely control touch screen)
    • Email / SMS on alarm (up to 30 email address's)
    • FTP transfer of Historical files (File Transfer Protocol)
    • Web Page Server (read only)

    Kiln - Schedules: Manual or Automatic Mode: The FDC-730-K6C can be run in manual or automatic schedule control mode with ramp to Setpoint capability.

    Data Acquisition (data logging) of temperature sensors & setpoints can be initiated "on-demand" or automatically. Simple on-screen analysis tools and exporting Historical Data files.

    Alarm Monitor & History: The Alarm view displays all current alarms. The Alarm history view displays all alarms for any daily period for multiple years

    PC Supervisory Software, either Future Design's KilnView or an OEM's proprietary or other 3rd party software can be modified to access the FDC-730-K6C via serial modbus.

    The FDC-730-K6C's embedded Remote Access VNC Server allows direct access to the touch panel as though standing in front of it. Utilizing the embedded FTP client to transfer historical files, combined with the Remote Access virtually eliminates advantages of dedicated Supervisory Software - for more information on FDC-730-K6C embedded Remote Access: LAN Features.htm

    Security: Configurable multi-level system security as well as complete audit trail of operator actions.

    Data Storage: The FDC-730-K6C can store multiple years of data on its 1GB internal compact flash card.

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    The FDC-730-K6C controls all Dry Kiln and Pallet Heat-Treat functions and can be OEM Configured in one of three ways:

    • Dry Kiln control: 4 sensor inputs for DB1, DB2, Wet Bulb +1 temperature input for monitor and/or core logic control.  Optional hardware allows up to 6 additional temperature sensors for use as monitor only and/or for use in Core logic control to advance a stage within a schedule and whose values can also be data logged. Calculated EMC may also be used to control a stage advance or event relay output..
    • Pallet Heat-Treat control: 4 sensor inputs, 1 main chamber and 3 pallet probes. Optional hardware allows up to 6 additional temperature sensors for use as monitor only (the optional monitor only sensors are view only, their values are not data logged).Click here for additional information. Click here for additional detail on Pallet Heat-Treat control system.
    • Combination Dry Kiln and Pallet Heat-Treat Control: Provides temperature inputs and control functions for traditional Dry Kiln, Pallet Heat-Treat and ability to automatically begin a traditional Dry Kiln Schedule at the end of a Heat-Treat cycle. The combination unit requires optional temperature inputs (quantity four – 2 input modules); during the Heat-Treat cycle the Kiln’s Dry Bulb #1 is the Heat-Treat chamber temperature sensor with specific temperature sensors assigned as the Heat-Treat Core sensors. During Dry Kiln the Core sensors used in Heat-Treat may be used as Monitor and/or as components in Core logic control .Calculated EMC may also be used to control a stage advance or event relay output..

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    Local Area Network (LAN) Features (web page link):
    The LAN features described below utilize an Ethernet connection to the color touch screen from a network router.
    The features described can be made available on a LAN (intranet) and if so configured (network & router) access via the Internet.

    • Web Page Server: An embedded “Web Server” provides access to all Kiln/Pallet Heat-Treat data (view only) using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer or equivalent from a PC, PDA, etc.
    • Email / SMS: Email and/or SMS configuration to allow automatic notification of alarm conditions to up to 30 email addresses. Historical Data, Alarm & Audit Trail files may be emailed on-demand.
    • Remote Access: An embedded Remote Access Server is included allowing full access to the color touch screen as though standing in front of it from a remote PC or PDA utilizing VNC View software.
    • File Transfer Protocol (FTP): Embedded FTP Client software is included allowing automatic or on-demand transfer of Historical Data files to an FTP Server PC. This feature allows an easy manner to view, archive, etc. historical data files from a remote location without the need to physically copy the files via USB flash drive and move to a remote PC.

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    FDC-730-K6C Standard & Optional Input Hardware & Control Output Descriptions: OEM Configurable

    Standard Temperature Inputs: The FDC-730-K6C base unit as standard includes inputs for two dry bulbs, one wet bulb and an additional RTD temperature input (RTD) that can be used to monitor temperature within the wood - Core temperature. The Core Temperature during automatic schedule operations allows the stage to automatically "hold" until the Core temperature exceeds or if cooling, falls below the Core Setpoint.

    Standard Kiln Control outputs: include Heat, Vents, Spray, Fan [configurable F/R & dwell times], deviation & process temperature alarms, Stage Advance and a host of events.

    Relay Outputs: The FDC-730-K6C comes equipped with 24 relay outputs for the control of heat, vents, spray, fans, multiple alarms, events and 7 customer programmable relay outputs. As standard 2 linear outputs are included with 3 additional linear outputs optional - see next paragraph. The temperature deviation & high process alarms are always active with the remaining control outputs enabled/disabled for manual operation or for each Stage within a Schedule.

    Analog Outputs: Two analog outputs are standard and configurable by the OEM to control Fan, PID outputs for Heat, Spray, Vents or Retransmission of Dry & Wet bulb setpoints or temperatures (provide temperature input to existing recorders and/or to provide Schedule setpoints to discreet single loop controls). Additional Analog outputs are available when optional temperature sensor input cards are added. Three optional analog outputs may be added for a maximum of 5 Analog outputs and are configurable as described above.

    Kiln Control Event Inputs: Fifteen 24VDC digital inputs come standard on the Orion kiln controller.  Digital inputs are used for fan “sync” input, schedule hold and digital input alarm functions. All digital inputs have programmable time delays before the input is activated at the system level.

    Five of the digital alarm inputs are OEM configurable to defeat event/control outputs if the alarm input is energized. For more detail on this feature refer to the OEM Config.htm or OEM Config Manual

    Fan output is configurable as Relay or linear 4-20mA output [set actual % Fan Speed] with configurable Forward, Reverse & Dwell times and with an on demand display of time remaining for Fan direction..

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    Schedules - Manual or Automatic (web page link): The FDC-730-K6C can be run in manual or automatic schedule control mode with ramp to Setpoint capability. With capacity of hundreds of Schedules each with up to 99 Stages, the FDC-730-K6C provides Schedule capacity for the most demanding Kiln operator. Schedules may be started on demand or with a "delayed start".

    Schedule entry is made easy by the use of copy, paste and delete menu selections.  Schedules can be copied to the external “USB” memory stick and then imported to any Orion Kiln controller which eliminates the need to enter duplicate schedules into multiple kiln controllers.  Schedules can also be created using the KilnView data acquisition software and then exported to any FDC-2010-K5C device.

    When running in automatic schedule mode, the operator can put the unit into hold and change any control parameters without modifying the saved schedule. This gives the operator maximum flexibility over all kiln control parameters.

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    Print direct from Interface (web page link): Full “USB” print capabilities from the FDC-730-K6C interface to a standard HP inkjet printer eliminates the need for a PC, strip or circular chart-recording device. Graphics trends, historical and report print functions are standard.  

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    Remote or Supervisory PC Connection: A standard 2 wire (RS485) PC connection is available to connect up to sixteen FDC-2010-K6C’s to a PC for remote monitor/control and data acquisition. Although third party software packages can be modified to communicate with the FDC-730-K6C, Future Design Controls KilnView (web page link)software is "out of the box" ready to provide Remote PC Supervisory control.

    KilnView can communicate with up to 16 FDC-730-K6C Kiln Controls it can also communicate with up to 48 Future Design Controls single loop DIN process controls that could be used on other temperature, pressure or other control requirements.

    KilnView is limited to accessing the FDC-730-K6C only while operating as a Kiln; KilnView cannot be used when the system is operating in the Pallet Heat-Treat Sterilization mode.

    The FDC-730-K6C's embedded Remote Access VNC Server allows direct access to the touch panel as though standing in front of it. Utilizing the embedded FTP client to transfer historical files, combined with the Remote Access virtually eliminates advantages of dedicated Supervisory Software - for more information on FDC-730-K6C embedded Remote Access: LAN Features.htm

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    Data Storage: The FDC-730-K6C can store multiple years of data on its 1GB internal compact flash card.

    Data backup is provided with the 1GB “USB I-Stick” for plug and play transfer of files to any PC running Microsoft Windows XP operating system.

    LAN connection and configuring the embedded FTP Client allows for easy automatic or on-demand Historical Data file transfer to a host FTP Server as well as automatic file deletion after FTP transfer.

    Note: If using Supervisory KilnView PC software, (web page link) KilnView may be configured to Data Log independently and has similar security & audit trail features of the FDC-2010-K6C control system.

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    Panel Mount Memory Adapter for Memory I-Stick.pdf




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