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RS232 to 485 Converters
RS232 to 485 Converters
  • Convert PC Serial RS232 to RS485
  • Data Acquistion
  • Remote IO Access
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Convert USB to Serial RS232 to RS485
  • Indicator Lights minimize Troubleshooting
  •     Rohs


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    Serial to Ethernet Gateway



    IO Modules: Digital & Analog to Serial Modbus



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    Serial Modbus RS232 to 485 Converters

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    Model SN10A is a DIN Rail mountable, industrial grade RS232 to 485 converter. Powered by 90-264VAC the SN10A can drive up to 32 standard devices (12 Kohm input) or up to 247 devices high impedance (96 Kohm input) devices, such as Future Design Control's interface products.


    The SN10A DIP switch configurable Baud rate, Parity, Data & Stop bits so there is no software required to be installed on a PC. Just configure the SN10A using the DIP switches, connect to a PC (Serial port), connect the serial devices and you are ready to go.


    An optional USB to Serial converter is available allowing the SN10A to be used on PC's without a serial port. These are plug & play devices requiring driver install on your PC, plug in one end to PC's USB and the serial end to the SN10A.




    UPort 1150 & 1150I provide an easy way to add COM ports to your computer. As a plug & play USB device, the converters are perfect for mobile, instrumentation & point-of-sale applications. Simply install the drivers, connect the UPort to your computer, plug in the serial device(s) and you are ready to go.


    The Uport 1150 & 1150I are software configurable to operate as either a standard RS232 port or a multi-drop RS485 port which make them a convenient choice for today's laptop computers that do not offer a standard COM port.


    Hardware: The UPort 1150 is a cable type device while the UPort 1150I, with its' 2KV optical isolation is provided in a metal enclosure that may be surface mounted or DIN rail mounted.


    Power: Both Uport 1150 & 1150I are powered by the computers USB port. The 1150 consumes 77mA @5VDC and the 1150I 260mA @5VDC.





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