DIN Controls Standard Features

applicable to C, 90, 100, 200, 300 & P Series Controls


The following Features are standard in all Future Design Control's DIN Control Products.


  • Display Resolution - Configurable
    • Thermocouple & RTD inputs: whole numbers or one decimal point
    • Linear Inputs: Whole number up to 3 decimal points [not 90 Series]

  • Process Variable Shift/Bias Adjustment: Configurable in all controls
  • Setpoint Limits: The input selection for thermocouples & RTDs provide an operating span covering the operational range for each sensor. Upper & Lower Setpoint limits are configurable to limit operator setpoint settings outside the desired and/or safe level for the process.
  • Control Output Type:
    • Relay, ssr Driver or Triac: Configurable as time proportioning or on/off
    • Linear mA/VDC: Proportional PID

  • Configurable Hysteresis Values
    • Output #1 On-Off Control
    • Alarm Relays:
  • Proportional Outputs - see Auto-Tune.htm
    • Fuzzy Assisted PID
    • Manual Tuning of PID
    • Proportional Band Offset adjustment
    • Cycle Time adjustment for time proportioning outputs
    • View Percent Output
    • Percent Output Limit: not applicable to 90 Series

  • Alarm Configuration - see Configurable Alarm Logic.
    • Controls offer process, deviation, deviation band with and without Hold function. The 300 Series also offers latching & non-latching.
    • Control Failure Configuration: Control Outputs & Alarms independently configurable for on or off
  • Input Filter Factor - applicable to C, L, P, 100 & 300 Series
    • The input scan rate for these controls is 5 times per second.
    • In certain applications the Process Variable is too unstable to read accurately.
    • To improve control performance a configurable low pass filter is provided. This first order filter can be set from 0.0 to 60.0 seconds with 0.5 seconds factory default.
    • The following diagram characterizes this filter.

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