DIN Control Communication Accessories



RS232/485 DIN Communication Modules




Available with the C, L, P, 100, 200 and 300 Series Controls the Plug & Play RS232 or RS485 Communication Modules may be ordered with an instrument or installed at a later time. [modules may have different part numbers per Control Series].


The 100, 300, C, L & P Series controls offer:

  • Modbus Protocol
  • Configurabe Control address up to 255 controls in a link
  • Baud Rates configurable from 2.4 to 38.4 kb/second
  • Configurable Parity, Data Bit and Stop Bit values.


The older legacy 200 Series Controls do not offer Modbus and communicate at a fixed baud rate, parity and data and stop bit values with up to 40 controls in a link.


There is not a specific brochure on these modules.

Refer to the links below for specific control series Modbus register base. 


300 Series Modbus Parameters.pdf

100/C Series Modbus Parameters.pdf

P41-P91Series Modbus Parameters.pdf


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RS232 to RS485 Converter

When connecting a PC via its' Serial RS232 port to a series of controls communicating via RS485 Modbus the SN10A converter provides an economical solution



RS232/485 Converter for PC communication.pdf

SNA10A Price Page.pdf


DB9 Cables to connect SN10A to PC are available at most electronic stores; for your convienence Future Design Controls can provide these cables with your order


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Retansmission: Linear PV, SP or % Output



The 15-Bit D/A resolution provides extremely accurate analog retransmission.


Retransmission option may be ordered with the instrument or added later via plug & play module.


300 Series Controls offer analog linear Retransmission 0-20/4-20mA, 0-5/1-5VDC and 0-10VDC.

Retransmission is configurable for:

  • PV1, PV2, Delta PV1/PV2
  • SP, Delta SP/PV
  • Output 1 or 2 percent output

100, B & C Series Controls offer analog linear Retransmission 0-20/4-20mA, 0-5/1-5VDC and 0-10VDC.

Retransmission is configurable for PV.


200 Series Controls offer analog linear Retransmission 0-20mA or 4-20mA.

Retransmission is configurable for PV


L Series FM Limit Controls and P Series Profile Controls offer analog Retransmission 0-20/4-20mA, 0-5/1-5VDC and 0-10VDC.

Retransmission is configurable for PV or SP


There are no specific brochures describing Retransmission Feature. Detail for each control series may be found in their respective instruction manuals.


Below are pdf files describing the 15-Bit D/A, calibration, etc. for the 200 & 300 Series platforms.

CM92-200 Series Retrans.pdf

CM94-300 Series Retran.pdf


More information on FDC's unique 18-Bit A/D input & 15-Bit D/A output resolution.pdf


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Configure DIN Controls via PC


FDC-Set PC Software allows DIN Control configurations to be created, saved, modified, etc. on a PC and downloaded to the controls through their standard configuration port.


Applicable to 100, 300, C & L Series DIN controls and B41 Board Level control.

FDC-Set PC Configuration Software


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