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Warranty: 3-Years

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Control Comparison:

100, 300, B, C, P, L & 90 Series

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Additional Information

EnVision SCADA Software.html (FREE Software)

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Need single loop controls and Data Acquisition system?


Orion-M iSeries Operator Interface & Data Acquisition Systems for100/C, 300, B41, B42, L, & P Series Controls and FDC IO modules

Orion-M iSeries Multiloop Control System

Windows CE embedded Operator Interface and Data Acquisition offering 7" & 10" touch screen displays supporting up to 15 loop controls, 15 monitor points with up to 16 DI and 32 DO for user configurable control outputs, sequencing & logic.

Go to Orion-M iSeries Page.htm


nCompass Single & Multiloop Control Systems

Windows CE embedded Operator Interface and Data Acquisition offering 4.3"" touch screen displays supporting up to 3 loop controls, up to 15 monitor points with up to 16 DI and 16 DO for user configurable control outputs, sequencing & logic.

Go to nCompass Page.htm


EnVision PC Based Data Acquisition

A FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices.


Devices include Future Design Controls loop, IO and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

Go to EnVision Page.htm


B41 Board Level High Performance PID Temperature Control From $149 List

Future Design's dual display 100 Series, available as a Board Level PID control Series B41, sets a new standard for DIN temperature controllers packed with performance to meet low cost OEM needs while providing High Performance temperature control.

The B41 is available with or without Display/Operator Interface Board. The optional Display Board has four buttons to chang Setpoint and configuration parameters in the same fashion as the panel mount DIN control 100 Series FDC-4100. When used without the optional Display Board all setup & operator interface must be done through the optional Modbus communication port.

With the highest input resolution for like products, fast scan rate and proprietary Fuzzy Logic Auto Tune the 100 Series B41 provides world-class control performance. The 100 Series are available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 DIN sizes with up 3 control outputs plus Communications.

When used with the optional Display board, the Display board, the Unique SEL function provides user flexibility & operator ease of use. Parameters most significant to the operator [up to 8] can be configured to display in sequence when the scroll key is depressed. [P, I, D, Shift, Cycle 1, deadband, etc., or nothing is displayed.

Standard features include configurable display decimal point, hysteresis for control and alarm outputs, Output Limiting, PV Shift [bias], Deadband between Heat/Cool outputs, 3-Year Warranty  and more. Configurable Alarm Logic [process, deviation & band] with Latching, non-Latching and Alarm Hold. Additional features include one Ramp/Soak segment, timer function, view PID % output, Auto/Manual, Configurable Bumpless Transfer, Set Point Ramp, Communication via RS232/485 or Analog Retransmission and PC Configuration Software. Easy & intuitive access Setpoints for Output 2 & 3 if so equipped.

FREE EnVision PC Based SCADA Software


EnVision, a FREE PC based SCADA software offers unrivaled flexibility for remote SCADA access to up to a mix of 128 devices, including the B41.

  • Data Logging: Each of the 128 devices, whether a mix of B41's or other Future Design products, can have their data saved to the hard disk at user-defined rates. With up to 129 concurrent data log files, EnVision offers unparalleled data logging flexibility. Data file analysis tools (digital and trend) make looking at schedule run data a simple task

Specification Review

    Power Input:
    • 90-264VAC 50/60hz
    • 11-26VDC/VAC optional
  • Input sample rate - 5 scans/second
  • Input Resolution - 18 Bit [262,144] click here for 18 Bit descr. Inputs - Universal Thermocouple & RTD
    • Linear mA/VDC inputs available as special order
    Control Outputs: Up to 2 isolated PID control outputs. Available outputs are:
    • relay 2A/240 VAC resistive [spst] ssr driver - 5VDC/30mA or 14VDC/40mA triac 1A/240VAC 4-20/0-20mA into 500 ohms
    • 1-5/0-5VDC or 1-10/0-10VDC
    Alarm Outputs: Up to 2 configurable Alarm outputs. 
    • Alarm #1: Form C 2A/240 VAC resistive 
    • Alarm #2: Form A 2A/240 VAC resistive
    Alarm Outputs 1/16 & 1/32 DIN: Up to 2 configurable outputs when PID #2 configured as alarm.
    • Alarm #1: 1/16 DIN Form B 2A/240 VAC resistive  Alarm #1: 1/32 DIN Logic Output, 5V/100mA
    • Alarm #2: PID #2 configured as alarm, Form A 2A/240 VAC resistive
    Communications:  Modbus RS232, RS485or VDC or mA retransmission.  Transmitter Power Supply [isolated] is available in lieu of control output #2.
  • Security: Software configurable - allows
    • None: All parameters are unlocked Set: Setup Configuration Data is locked User: All data locked except SP#1 
    • All: All data locked

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