FDC730-BL Replacement Color Touch Screen for

B&L Cremation Systems with

Future Design Controls FC5A Crematory Control System



               Obsolete FDC2107i 7" Display                                          FDC730-BL 7" Display



Future What is the FDC730-BL Touch Screen?
The FDC730-BL 7" touch screen is a form and function replacement for the obsolete FDC-2150i 7" touch screen


Availability & Price:
FDC730-BL is available from stock @$2,500 and includes a new cable to connect from the control system FC5A PLC to the display and replacement SD card to store data log and other saved files.


The FDC730-BL Compatibility:
FDC730-BL is compatible with B&L Crematory models using Future Design Controls control

system with the Idec F5CA PLC.


The FDC730-BL display’s function continues to be an operator interface to the PLC Control system. When installed makes no changes to the configured control logic.


NOTE the FDC730-BL is not compatible with the original Future Design Controls control systems using Idec FC4A PLC. The Idec PLC type may be identified by its part number, be sure to note the Idec Part number is FC5A.


Future Design Controls provides no warranty or representations of any sort regarding the fitness of
use or application of its products by the purchaser. Users are responsible for the selection, suitability of the products for their application or use of Future Design Controls products. Future Design Controls shall not be liable for any damages or losses, whether direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or any other damages, costs or expenses excepting only the cost or expense of repair or replacement of Future Design Control products as described below. Future Design Controls sole responsibility under the warranty, at Future Design Controls option, is limited to replacement or repair, free of charge, or refund of purchase price within the warranty period specified. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from transportation, alteration, misuse or abuse. A link for the complete warranty statement may be found below.


Install the replacement FDC730-BL display with the new cable from the display to the FC5A PLC and wire power to its power input terminals; graphics here of Cable & power wiring

Panel Cutout:
As the obsolete FDC-2107i 7" display panel cutout dimensions were slightly less than the FDC730-BL, the existing panel cutout height and width must both be increased by approx. 1/8" of an inch.


Start system:
Typically no configuration changes are required.

Further Information

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     B&L FDC Control System User Manual created by Future Design Controls 2011



     Dimensional Quick Comparison

     FDC2107i vs FDC730-BL Touch Screen Dimensional Comparison.pdf


     Future Design Controls, Inc. FDC730-BL Warranty Statement

     Future Design Controls, Inc. FDC730-BL Warranty-Limitations Statement.pdf


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