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Analog Panel Mount DIN Temperature Controls
analog temperature controls               
  • Oven - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Food Service Equipment
  • Food Sercice Equipment
  • Plastics & Rubber Machinery
  • Replace Legcay Obsolete Analog DIN         controls
  • Low Cost Temperature Control Solution
  • Simple Reliable Analog Design
  • Analog & Digtal Setpoint
  • On-Off and Proportional Control Outputs
  •             CE   Rohs


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    Analog Controls Manuals

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    901/902 Series

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    Warranty: 2- Years

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    Agency Approvals

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    Devices include Future Design Controls loop, IO and Orion-M iSeries control systems.

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    Analog Temperature Panel Mount DIN Controls

    from $110 List


    Future Design Controls Analog Series controllers provide low cost Simple to use on/off or proportional control for 1/16 DIN through 1/4 DIN requirements.  


    Built in "Laser Trim" ASIC technology offers reliable and repeatable control for industrial applications. A wide selection of control outputs and input ranges make the FDC analog series a perfect choice for low cost applications.



    DIN Model, Setpoint Method and Display Indication

    1/16 DIN: FDC 901; Analog Potentiometer SP; No display

    1/16 DIN: FDC 901; Analog Potentiometer SP; "in-range" LED display

    1/16 DIN: FDC 905; Thumbwheel SP; Digital PV Display 1/8   DIN: FDC 805; Thumbwheel SP;                                      Digital PV Display

    1/4   DIN: FDC 401; Analog Potentiometer SP; No display

    1/4   DIN: FDC 402; Analog Potentiometer SP; "in-range" LED display

    1/4   DIN: FDC 404; Analog Potentiometer SP; Digital PV Display

    1/4   DIN: FDC 405; Thumbwheel SP; Digital PV Display


    Analog Controls Specification Summary

    • Input Specific Thermocouple or RTD Range - refer to order Matrix.
    • Control Outputs: On/Off or Proportional control - see order Matrix relative to relay or ssr and field selectable on/off or proportional (time proportioning).

      • relay 3A/240 VAC resistive [SPDT]
      • ssr driver 5VDC@30mA
      • 4-20mA / 0-20mA into 500 ohms maximum
      • 0-10VDC into maximum impendence 10K ohms
    • Alarm Outputs
      • Relay 2A/240 VAC resistive [N.O. / N.C]
      • None for models 901 / 902 / 905 / 401 / 402
      • Deviation alarm only on models 404 / 405 / 805
    • Agency Approvals
      • UL Component Recognized: Models 901 / 902 / 905 / 805 / 404 / 405
      • CSA:                                            Model 404
      • CE:                                              Models 901 / 902 / 905 / 805 / 404 / 405

    Proportional Control Output:
    When specified with proportional control output note that “P” only control is available; Integral & Derivative are not offered [full PID]. If full PID and/or Auto Tune features are required refer to the Microprocessor based 300 or 100/C Series controls. Ramp Soak Profile controls are available, refer to the P Series.

    Manual Reset Adjustment for Proportional Control Outputs:
    A reset pot for adjusting proportional band is provided on all controls regardless if control is ordered as On-Off or Proportional; exceptions are the Models 901/902 & 401/402. A manual reset pot is only provided on these controls when ordered with Proportional control output.

    On-Off and Proportional Control Output:
    Controls ordered with Relay output may be field configured for On-Off or Time Proportioning Output; configuration between the two types requires adding or deleing a solder bridge.

    Controls ordered with Relay output may have hardware modified to change Relay to Linear Proportional Outputs. [requires soldering output module or relay to replace original components.]

    902/402 "in-range" LED indication:
    The 902/402 offer High/Low deviation LED indicators.
    When PV is within “x” % of Range of SP, LED operation is as follows:

    • PV within 1-5% of range of SP both LEDs ON
    • PV within 1% of range of SP both LEDs OFF
    • PV greater than 5% of range of SP, both LEDs will flash.




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