VR Series Paperless Recorders

Starting at $999 [with one analog input]

Differences & Similarities -

VR18 and VR06 Paperless Recorders:



Analog Inputs [AI]

VR18: up to 18 Analog Inputs

VR06: up to 6 Analog Inputs


Digital Inputs [DI]

VR18: up to 36 @6 DI per module, 6 modules maximum

VR06: one module with 6 DI


Digital Outputs [DO]

VR18: up to 30 @6 DO per module, 5 modules maximum

VR06: one module with 6 DO


Analog Output - Retransmission [AO]

VR18: up to 9 @3 AO per module, 3 modules maximum

VR06: up to 6 @3 AO per module, 2 modules maximum



Runtime Firmware: The VR18 & VR06 have different firmware

Math & Higher Security Option: The VR18 & VR06 share the same plug in component for this feature.




Mechanical Components:

The VR06 & VR18 share the same mechanical size & components with exception of firmware.


Spare Parts, Modules, etc.:

All spare parts, Analog & Digital Input, Output & transmitter power supply modules, Storage Media [CF cards], power modules, fuses and mounting accessories are interchangeable between the products.


Math Option / Higher Security

Math Option, which includes Higher Security with CFR21 Type features is the same plug in component for both the VR18 & VR06.



Ethernet is standard on both models

RS232/485 Comms: The VR18 & VR06 share the same hardware components for the optional serial RS232/422/485 comms.


Observer I & II Software:

Observer I & II Software is common to the VR18 & VR06.



Recorder Home Page.htm

VR06-18: Recorder Home Page.htm

VR06-18: Sample Screen Display & Operational Review.htm

VR06-18: Plug & Play I/O.htm

VR06-18: Event & Alarm Description.htm

VR06-18: Installation: Panel or Bench Top Mounting.htm

VR06-18: Configuration.htm

VR06-18: Special Features: Math, Totalize, etc.htm

VR06-18: Observer Software Review.htm

VR06-18: Technical Support Documentation.htm

VR06-18: Download Firmware and Observer Software.htm

VR06-18: Security; CFR21 Part 11 Features.htm


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6.4" TFT Display is the largest in 100mm style Paperless Recorders


Product Brochure, Manual & Pricing


VR18_Manual_v2.37_November -2011.pdf


VR06_Brochure_v2.37_November -2011.pdf





VR Series Price Sheet.pdf



Observer Software - Link.htm




Additional Information

VR06-18 Guidelines 21CFR part 11.pdf

VR06-18: Series FAQ's.pdf

VR06-18: Series 2-Year Warranty Statement.pdf

VR06-18: Firmware Update Sheet.pdf

VR06-18: CF Card Memory Calculations.zip

VR06-18: Reset to Factory Default.pdf 

VR06-18: Modbus Parameters/pdf 

UL Agency.pdf

CSA Agency.pdf

CE Conformity.pdf



VR18 Bug: Clock Reset on February 28, 2006 - Firmware upgrade v2.21




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