VR18: Real Time Clock Bug: February 28, 2006

VR18 Real Time Clock Bug - Firmware v2.20 or earlier

VR18 Firmware versions up to and including v2.20 have a software bug that miscalculates leap year and RESETS the time & date to an earlier time/date. This bug will occur every 4 years beginning at 23:59:59 February 28, 2006 or if not powered at that time the first time it is powered on or after March 1, 2006.


When the time reset occurs the VR18 will show a dialog box stating a time format error has occurred between the VR18 real time clock & data currently stored in the VR18 RAM. Due to this time error the VR18 will stop data logging. Correction:The existing data, which will have the correct time format, must either be saved to CF card or if not important Cleared from memory.  Once the data is saved or cleared from memory the VR18 will operate normally. The time & date should be reset to the local time & date. If you are not familiar with setting local time & date refer to the VR18 manual for specific instructions. Once the time & date are reset the VR18 Real Time Clock will operate correctly until February 28 2010 at which time it will reset itself to an earlier time. 

VR18 Firmware Update v2.21 or later versions corrects this bug.  


Observer I and II Software requirements after v2.21 or later firmware update

Observer I or II Software v2.1 or earlier must be updated to v2.21 or later versions matching the VR18 firmware version number. 

Observer I or II Software v2.20 will operate with VR18 firmware v2.21 but not later versions; update Observer Software to match or exceed the VR18 firmware version number.



VR18 v2.31 firmware requires Observer v2.31 but will work with later versions such as v2.32.


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