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System Alarms

EnVision supports the following System Alarm monitoring

     - System Alarm Log

     - Alarm Log Viewer

     - Custom Alarm Reports

System Alarm Log

The system alarm log keeps track of all alarms in the system. The alarm window will display all analog and digital alarms from each Orion-M, Loop controls as well as EnVision Device Alarms (see next section on EnVision Alarms).

  • Orion-Mi and nCompass CM Series alarms are set either locally at the Orion-M touch screen or through EnVision; see section “Orion Detail View¸ Setup, Alarms
  • The Loop alarms setpoints are set at the loop control, not from EnVision.
  • EnVision Device Alarms (max 200) are set within EnVision; see “EnVision Device Alarms”. (next section on tour)

The alarm log window will automatically maximize itself upon any new system alarm (even if the window is minimized).

EnVision System Alarm Log

Operator Alarm Acknowledgement: Double clicking on any alarm will display a dialog confirming if the user wants to acknowledge the alarm.  Upon selected “Yes” and acknowledging the alarm, the Orion-Mi or nCompass CM local audible alarm output (if configured) will be silenced.

Alarm Log Viewer
The Alarm Log Viewer allows the user to view historical, daily system alarm logs in tabular format.  This data can then be printed or exported to a .csv file.

EnVision alarm log viewer

Alarm logs are created and written to daily, whenever an alarm occurs.

Custom Alarm Reports
The Custom Alarm Report feature of the alarm log viewer, allows the user to search all alarm log files stored on the hard disk for a particular text string.  The text can be an alarm name, particular device or even a date or time.  When the custom alarm report is selected from the toolbar, the search window will be shown.

Once the search is started, the alarm log viewer will be populated with entries found in each alarm log that have a matching entry for the search string.  A progress bar will be shown at the top right of the alarm log viewer window to update the user on the search progress.

EnVision Alarm Log Search

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