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Orion Series Schedule Editor: Stage “Wait For”

The Schedule tab provides access to the stage “wait for” options.

The “Wait For” selections must be met before its specific Stage begins.

  • Wait for specific Loop and/or Monitor process value to achieve a common setpoint.
  • Wait for Digital Input(s)
  • Wait for Delta Control
EnVision Orion Series Schedules Wait For view

When pressed, the stage wait for options screen will be shown:

Wait for Loop/Monitor
EnVision Orion Series Schedules Wait For Loop view
EnVision Orion Series Schedules Wait For Monitor view

The loop and monitor tab selections allow the user to select which loops and/or monitors (if any) will be used as a wait for condition.  The loop and monitor selections share two common settings, the ‘Wait Type’ and ‘Wait SP’.  These settings are used to set the trigger point for the wait for condition, i.e., the value that each loop and/or monitor must meet for the profile to continue.

The Wait SP is the set point value that each selected loop and monitor must reach.

The Wait Type setting selects how the Orion-M determines if the loop or monitor input has reached the wait set point.  There are three possible selections that can be made from the drop down list box; auto (edge detect), loop/monitor PV rising and loop/monitor PV falling.

Wait for Digital Input
EnVision Orion Series Schedules Wait For Digital input view

The digital input selections are made from the ‘Digital’ tab on the wait for events screen.  The Stage will not start until the selected Digital Inputs have been satisfied.

Delta Control (Note: not functional in the nCompass CM)
The delta control setting is a special feature of the Orion-Mi that works in conjunction with the loop and monitor wait for setting.   Typical uses for this function include wood drying or heat-treating processes (metal, food, etc.) where temperature gradients through the product need to maintained at a minimum.

When enabled, the Orion-Mi will use the lowest process value (if wait for rising is selected) or the highest process value (if wait for falling is selected) of all the selected loops and/or monitor inputs programmed for the wait for, and apply the delta set point offset to that value.  The resulting value (lowest loop or monitor input + Delta SP or highest loop or monitor input – Delta SP) will be used as the set point for all loops selected from the list to have the delta set point applied to.

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