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Historical Data File Trend Plot

This historical trend plot provides a graphic view for historical data selected in the Data File Viewer.

EnVision Historical Trend Plot

Dragging on the trend scale (left side of trend) or trend time (bottom of trend) allows the user to interactively change the trend scale or move forward/backward in time to view historical trend data.

The -100 to +100 scales at the bottom and to the right of the trend are for scale/time compression/expansion.  This is an analysis tool to "zero" in on specific data on the trend.   It's a zoom in/out for the trend scale and time scale.  In the historical plot, these scales are real time so the data will move as you adjust the zoom level.

The only limit to the number of channels is the size of the window to view the data and computer memory. Technically if EnVision was connected to 128 Orion-M systems, each with their maximum of 60 data points a total of 7,680 channels could be in the System Data Log file.

Chart Annotation
The default chart annotation (name shown on top of trend) for a history plot is the current data log file name.  This can be changed be pressing the “Edit Chart Text” button on the history plot toolbar.  When pressed, the Chart Annotation dialog box will be shown.  The user can then enter a description for the history plot with up to 255 characters.

EnVision Chart Annotation

Operator Message
If the Operator Message column is included in the Trend Plot all Operator Messages will be shown in the Plot.

The toolbar at the top of the trend screen provides the following functions (from left to right):

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