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Historical Data File Viewing

The historical “Data File Viewer” provides the ability to view all system and device data log files without leaving the application. Both archived and currently running data files may be viewed although currently running data files will not have electronic signatures.

The data viewer displays saved data in a spreadsheet format.  The different data cells can be selected for printing or plotting without additional setup.

EnVision Data File Viewer

When a file is opened, the “spreadsheet” will be filled with the logged data including the date and time that each point was recorded.  The header of each column will show the name of each data point so that they can be easily identified.  Groups of cells can be selected (dragged) for printing and/or plotting to a trend. Including the Operator Message column will include all messages in the trend plot.

The Electronic Signatures grid, below the data grid, is used to electronically sign data files.  For more information on Electronic Signatures refer to Digital Signatures – CFR21 Part 11

The toolbar icons for data file viewing are as follows (order from left to right):

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1. EnVision Navigation
2. Device Thumbnails Overview
3. Digital Values
4. System Alarms
5. EnVision Device Alarms
6. PC based Alarm Relay Output
7. General and Service Device Notes
8. Real-Time Trends
9. Single Loop Tuning
10. Data Logging Overview
11. System Data Logging
12. Device Data Logging / Historical Data File
13. Logging Overview Monitor
14. Historical Data File Viewing
15. Searching Historical Data Files
16. Historical Data File Trend Plot
17. CFR21 Part 11 and NADCAP AMS2750E: Historical Data files (Data Log) and Digital Signatures
18. Orion-M iSeries Detail View


19. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View Tab
20. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View: Auto Tune and Auto/Manual Tabs

21. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Data Logging Tab
22 Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedules Tab (Ramp/Soak Profiles)
23. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Profile/Schedules: Run, Stop & Hold Profile Schedules

24. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor Overview
25. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Guaranteed Soak, Loops Active and Auto Start
26. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Stage "Wait For"

27. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Schedule Notes
28. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM - Setup Tab
29. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View - Setup/IO Monitor
30. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View - Setup/Schedule Options

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