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EnVision Navigation

EnVision provides the user with Windows® style drop down menus that provide quick access to all data views and options.

The multi document interface allows the user to place more than one data view (including trends, digital values and thumbnails) on the screen for monitoring real time operation of multiple devices at once.

EnVision Menu View

For Detailed Menu description – see below.

File Menu
The “File” menu provides access to the Load Project and Save Project options as well as the option to Exit the EnVision program.

View Menu
The “View” menu provides navigation to all standard view screens.  These include the Orion Detail View, P-Series Profiler, Single Loop tuning, Digital Values, Alarm Log, Real Time Trends, Logging Overview, Data File Viewer and Audit Trail Viewer.

Thumbnails Menu
The “Thumbnails” menu provides access to the individual Device thumbnail views.  The thumbnail views provide basic operational data of all Devices connected to the system in groups of four at a time.

Setup Menu
The “Setup” menu provides access to all configuration options of EnVision.  These include Device Setup, System Security, System Data Logging, Software Device Alarms and Relay Card, Email Client and Web Server Settings. 

Users Menu
The “Users” menu provides access for user log on and log off when security is enabled, and also allows the Current User of the system to be viewed    The Change Password selection allows the current user to enter a different password for their secure log on while the System Operator Message selection allows the user to add a message to the system data logging file if enabled.

Mode Menu
The “Mode” menu allows the user to switch the EnVision mode of operation between simulation and real time.  When in simulation mode, all Device values are simulated by the software.  When in real time mode, EnVision gathers all data from the individual Devices over the communications link.

Window Menu
The “Window” menu allows the user select from all enabled view screens and bring the desired view to the front.  It also provides the ability to sort the current views and automatically arrange them in a cascaded view or tile them in horizontal or vertical fashion.

Help Menu
The ‘Help’ menu provides access to the current EnVision program version and system information.

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1. EnVision Navigation
2. Device Thumbnails Overview
3. Digital Values
4. System Alarms
5. EnVision Device Alarms
6. PC based Alarm Relay Output
7. General and Service Device Notes
8. Real-Time Trends
9. Single Loop Tuning
10. Data Logging Overview
11. System Data Logging
12. Device Data Logging / Historical Data File
13. Logging Overview Monitor
14. Historical Data File Viewing
15. Searching Historical Data Files
16. Historical Data File Trend Plot
17. CFR21 Part 11 and NADCAP AMS2750E: Historical Data files (Data Log) and Digital Signatures
18. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View


19. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View Tab
20. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View: Auto Tune and Auto/Manual Tabs

21. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Data Logging Tab
22 Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedules Tab (Ramp/Soak Profiles)
23. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Profile/Schedules: Run, Stop & Hold Profile Schedules

24. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor Overview
25. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Guaranteed Soak, Loops Active and Auto Start
26. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Stage "Wait For"

27. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Schedule Editor: Schedule Notes
28. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM - Setup Tab
29. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View - Setup/IO Monitor
30. Orion-Mi / nCompass CM Detail View - Setup/Schedule Options

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