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DR5000 Display Option

DR5000 Circular Chart Display option                        DR5000 Display closeup



DR5000 Display Option



Display Features

  • PV Values for one & two channel recorders cycle on the single display area.
  • Green status LED indicator to the right of the display indicates which pen's value is being displayed. Two pen recorders this status LED will cycle between the two pen values.
  • Sensor Offset Mode (Bias): When the recorder is in the Offset mode the display shows the offset value in 0.1 increments for each pen.
  • Thermal "Print your own Chart" model Alarm Setpoint(s): Alarm setpoint is shown on the display after the change chart sequence.
  • Ink Style Recorder with Battery Back-up: While on battery power the display is off with the decimal point flashing as an indication the unit is running on battery.
    • Note that the Status LED below the keypad will also be flashing while the unit is powered by the backup battery; click here for more information on the Status LED.



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