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DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder
DR5000 REcorder
Enclosure Features:
  • 21 CFR Part 11 FDA Requirements
  • AMS2750E Heat Treat Applications
  • Ovens - Furnaces - Kilns
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Sterilizers/Autoclaves
  • 10" Circular Chart Recorder
  • Use Partlow or Honeywell charts
  • Print your own chart version (higher accuracy)
  • Easy Self Documenting Configuration
  • Battery Back-Up (power recorder ~ 48 hours)
  • Panel Cutout 12.7" x 12.7", same as Partlow MRC5000 & Honeywell DR4300 10" Circular Chart Recorders
  • Nema 3 standard, Nema 4 optional
  • UL      CE  Rohs


    DR5000 Additional Page Links

    DR5000 Configuration and Setup Chart
    DR5000 Status LED
    DR5000 Display Option
    DR5000 Non-Catalog Options

    DR5000 Chart Does Not Show Correct Time after Chart Change

    DR5000 Brochure

    DR5000 Brocure.pdf


    DR5000 Manual

    DR5000 Manual.pdf


    DR5000 Pricing / Part Number Matrix

    DR5000 Price Page.pdf

    DR5000 Parts List-Pricing.pdf


    DR5000 Powerpoint Presentation

    DR5000 Ink Powerpoint

    DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder

    DR5000 LED Status Indicator & Optional LED Display

    DR5000 Status LED.htm

    DR5000 Display Options.htm

    DR5000 Non Catalog Options.htm


    Chart Listing

    DR Available Chart Listing.pdf

    Custom Chart Range Cost.pdf


    Chart does not show Correct Time After Chart Change

    DR5000 Chart Does Not Show Correct Time.htm


    Configuration Chart



    3rd Party Transmitter Power Supply Wiring Examples

    Transmitter Power Supply wiring example #1: DR5000 - trx - PS.pdf


    Transmitter Power Supply wiring example #2: w-3 devices PS-control and DR5000.pdf


    Warranty: 2-Years

    DR5000 2-Year Warranty.pdf


    Agency Approvals

    UL Approval.pdf

    CE Conformity.pdf

    RoHS Compliance.pdf

    DR5000 MSDS


    Flow Totalization - VR & PR Series Paperless Recorders:

    Although Totalization is not available in the DR5000, the VR Series and PR Series Paperless Recorders provide easy & cost effective solutions for Flow Totalization applications.


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    DR5000 Circular Chart Recorder

    from $600 List


    Future Design Controls DR5000 circular chart recorder is available in one or two* pen versions utilizing traditional drag pen as well as with Thermal "print your own chart" chart marking. The DR5000 utilizes recent microprocessor technology combined with a robust pen & chart drive gear motor design offers industry leading reliability at significantly lower cost than older legacy designs.


    DR5000 Ease of Use and Configuration


    Operator interface & configuration are simple with a status LED providing all operational information.


    The DR5000 unique configuration chart provides documentation on recorder configuration minimizing recorder configuration questions and issues of incorrect configuration.


    DR5000 Options


    The Options include configurable alarm outputs, Nema 4 [Nema 3 is standard], LED process value display and 9VDC battery back-up to operate the recorder for up to 48 hours without line power. Non-cataloged options for low voltage operation, input ranges, transmitter power supplies and more are available.


    Traditional Ink Circular Chart Recorder Chart Types:

    Partlow & Honeywell 10" charts


    The DR5000 may be specified to accept either Partlow or Honeywell recorder charts allowing a form, fit and function replacement for Partlow MRC5000 and Honeywell DR4200 & DR4300 recorder only models (no PID control). The DR5000 accepting legacy charts allows both end users and OEMs flexibility to use the most cost effective circular chart recorder hardware without affecting their current procedures, part numbers and vendors for recorder charts.


    Partlow charts run counterclockwise (CCW) while Honeywell charts are Clockwise (CW). The DR5000 ordering matrix allows selection of CCW or CW for chart rotation.


    Thermal "Print your own Chart" Recorder


    How does a Thermal Recorder work?

    A single stylus print head burns a heat sensitive chart similar to fax paper producing up to two analog traces, time lines, engineering units and time and date.


    What are the Performance benefits of a Thermal vs. traditional ink style recorders?

    • Time Accuracy:
      • time / date are automatically printed on the chart edge eliminating operator action to correctly position the blank chart to a "start time" decal as well as any backlash issues when the operator is tightening the chart hub retaining nut. Both the chart position and backlash may effect the chart "real time" start point vs. chart time line.
      • With two channel unit, both traces share the same "Time Line" thereby eliminating pen alignment errors consistent with multi-pen ink type chart recorders where two pens cannot occupy the same space at the same time.
    • Recorder Trace Line Accuracy (recorded process variable data):
      • Trace error due to variations between paper chart suppliers is eliminated.
      • Expansion & Contraction of chart paper caused by variations in ambient temperature and humidity effect accuracy of traditional ink style recorders. Chart paper variations do not affect the Thermal  as all trace, scale, time and divisions are printed by the thermal print head.
    • Configurable Chart Range & Rotation is standard:
      • eliminates need to stock different chart ranges/rotations.
      • configurable chart range allows a custom chart range specific for your applications providing easier and more accurate data interpretation.

    Private Labeling


    OEM and Distributor private labeling is available.



    Specification Review

    • Standard Power and Process Variable Input
      • Power Input: 120 or 220VAC standard. Contact factory for low VAC or VDC inputs.
      • Universal process input: thermocouple, RTD, mA or VDC.
        • T/C: J, K, T, B, R and S
        • RTD: Platinum 100 ohm (.385 coefficient)
        • mA/VDC: 4-20mA, 0-5VDC and 1-5VDC
        • Special mA & VDC ranges available; i.e. 0-1VDC and others
    • Configuration: Simple Configuration in less than 5-minutes.
      • No Instruction Manual required.
      • No DIP Switches to configure
      • No cryptic display prompts
      • Unit self documents its configuration on the setup chart
    • Chart Styles (10" circular):
      • Charts Ink Style
        • Partlow style: specify Counter Clockwise (CCW)
        • Honeywell style: specify Clockwise (CW).
      • Thermal Style
        • 10" Thermal Paper
    • Enclosure Size:
      • Panel Cutout: Industry standard 12.7" square.
        • same as Honeywell DR4200/4300/4500 and Partlow MRC5000/8000/9000.
      • Nema 3 standard with Nema 4 optional
      • Wall mounting brackets are standard
    • Battery Back-up: Optional 9-volt battery operates recorder up to 48 hours without line power, 24 hours with optional LED process value display.
    • Alarms: Optional
      • configurable as Process, Deviation or Deviation Band.
      • latching or non-latching
    • Displays:
      • Standard LED providing operational status flash sequence or steady on.
      • Optional LED display for Process Value as well as useful for offset and alarm setup

    * Two pen versions: inputs share a common ground. Isolated sensors are recommended (T/C's should have ungrounded junctions).




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